Competitive Gaming, Help me spend my money wisely

After discovering via Z’s review I’m a filthy casual with an archaic setup I’d like to upgrade for the first time in many years. I have been using a Sennheiser PC360 with a discrete audio card in my desktop for many years now. The PC360 volume adjustment knob is worn out I’ve lost audio in one ear as a result, time to upgrade.

What I think I want: Competitive Gaming is all I’ll use the headphones for, my music listening is done with speakers so the headphones will be just gaming, youtube videos and other junk media. Headphones do not need a mic, I have a desktop mic.

~$200 on headphones give or take
~$200 on Amp & DAC give or take.

I have been looking at the Shitt Hel for amp/dac, I like the mic/headphone integration and mic gain adjustment. Is there a better option out there in the $200 range? I know Z mentioned a unit that had a switch for cutting bass & boosting treble when gaming which sounded interesting. The GSX1000 looks like an option as well but the mic processing is poor from what I’m reading?

On headphones The HD6XX’s look like a solid choice in my price range. Is there something much better in a similar price range or a few dollars (not hundreds) more?

I mean personally I would instead of getting a schiit hel go for a combo like a behringer um2 and a schiit magni 3+, that would provide a better mic input and also a higher quality headphone amp too. Also allows you to use an xlr mic if you wanted too. If you don’t need a mic input, then a dac like the topping d10 or smsl m100 are pretty nice instead of the um2

I would suggest looking at something like the beyerdynamic dt880 600 ohm, it has great spatial accuracy, a neutral brighter sound, and is great for all rounding, and very good for comp gaming imo. The 6xx is more of a music headphone, and imo not great for competitive gaming


the go to rec for comp gaming here is generally the dt880 600 ohm. Good soundstage, and super accurate imaging. In my opinion is far better for comp than the 6xx which images fine but is pretty narrow

if you’re not married to the mic in and aren’t opposed to the stack then most people recommend the topping d10 and something like a monolith liquid spark

Will the magni 3 power the 600 ohm with enough headroom. I know that those lower priced amps especially tend to distort a bit once you push them too high of volume.

It’s more than fine from my experience. Also to clarify I mean the magni 3+ not the regular 3, the regular 3 isn’t that great from my experience

Also as @TwoPaperCaper states the liquid spark is also great if you want an amp that will warm them up and smooth them out a bit

Okay cool just checking. Do the magnis still have the channel imbalance issue or did they fix that? My brother in laws older one (I think it was the 2) has it pretty bad.

Yeah the older ones had a fair amount of issues, the 3+ and heresy is pretty much almost a full redesign (that’s prob why I actually like it lol)

Is there a difference between the magni 3+ and the magni 3 heresey? Everyone knows red increases your K/D… they’re same price on amazon.

Not sure if links are OK here but are you referring to this with the Behringer UM2

so I’m liking the DT 990, Behringer UM2 & Magni 3+ option. Right in budget, XLR mic would give me excuse to upgrade my mic as well.


So the heresy is going to be a bit more analytical sounding, will be slightly cleaner, but the 3+ adds a bit of smoothness as with the 880 600 ohm the treble can get up there for some, the 3+ is a good balance between the heresy and the liquid spark in terms of coloration.

Just fine lol. Of course it’s out of stock though, a good alternative would be the Focusrite Scarlett Solo, but it would be more expensive but a higher quality unit (and you would also have to pick up a special cable as well but it’s cheap)

Just to clarify this is the headphone I recommend DT880 600ohm premium edition (not the black pad ones, those change the sound). The 990 600 ohm are also good, but can be fatiguing for people because of the extra treble over the 880 600 ohm


Is it just the black pads that create the issue? Like if you put the silver pads on the black it’d be fine? I’m just curious.

Yes that will fix the issue, the black pads are physically different, otherwise it’s the same headphone sound wise with the silver pads

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I own a black version 880 and swapped them for the silver pads. The sound change is not huge but i did find the black pads to be a bit sibilant where the silvers dont get close. That’s gonna vary based on peoples treble sensitivity. For me personally the bigger point was the black pads are pretty stiff and not comfortable, silvers are much softer and I can wear them all day

Am I missing out by requiring a mic input? The Mic is just for communication, would a Magni3+/Modi 3 stack with the DT880 600ohms provide a better experience? My current mic is 3.5MM, I could go direct into the mobo with that, I don’t really care about my voice quality as long as the communication is clear.

Plus… Magni/Modi stack is arousing…

Isn’t the modi not too great of a dac? I thought I read that it was pretty meh.

IMO unfortunately the modi 3 is not up to snuff, it’s not really something I would recommend due to some issues with dynamic compression, a peaky signature, and imo an unrefined sound

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The Modi has some issues…mainly compression issues and treble sharpness.

Yeah it’s not great I’ve heard dongle dacs the sounded better than the modi

Probably better off with the drop grace dac if you want something cheap right? I dunno :man_shrugging:. I’m not too well versed in dacs

Getting major deja-vu lol

Well, it’s a solid setup, what can I say lol