Competitive gaming IEM for 50 EUR?

I’m swapping out my MH751’s for a pair of IEM’s mainly for comfort reasons.
They will be used for gaming and music, I play soundwhoring hardcore FPS games like Escape from Tarkov and some CS:GO, so decent imaging is a must, also my Asus Prime X370 Pro will be the source.
My budget is 50 EUR but it can be stretched a bit if it’s worth it.
Any help is appreciated!

Final Audio E500

If isolation/sound-leakage isnt a problem, check out some earbuds. Even cheaper but higher value.


I really need the isolation since I don’t live alone. I would go for some open backs if I did.

Then the E500 is a cheap but very good way to get great sound for fps.

They do seem to be cheap so i’ll probably give them a try if there are no better options up to 50 EUR.

I don’t think so. I have around 70 iems but the e500 is the one that comes to mind when it comes to gaming on a budget.

You can check the newer and more expensive final audio vr3000, but I haven’t heard it.