Complementary to DT 990 and MMX 300

Hello there, as in the title mentioned I am looking for an up/sidegrade to my existing headphones.

The main usage is gaming, listening to rap and rock and occasionally watching a movie or series.

I want to stay under 300€ because I’m going to buy a stack as well.

preferences: open back, detachable cable

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AKG K-712 work well for gaming and movies. Are a 7/10 for rock, I’d say.

What amplifier do you have?

Thanks for the answer!
I don’t have an amp right now, but I want to buy the Schiit Heresy as soon as it will be available on Schiit Europe.

What differentiates the AKG from the Beyers?

I don’t have much experience with DT-series. The DT-770 (250 Ohm) I had on loan were too V-shaped for my liking (mind you this was before I got a “good” headphone amp). While I like bass (when the music demands it), I am very sensetive to treble.

I can speak for the K-712’s.
They have a large stage which makes them ideal for anything where instrument positioning is important. This is also why I like them for movie watching.
Compared to the K-702, these also have some more bass to give a fuller sound. Helps with explosions and music that asks for it.

If you are coming from a DT990 or MMX300 I can highly recommend the DT1990 Pro, yes it does cost more than 300€ but I’m telling you it is so worth it. I own the MMX 300 Gen 1 aswell and the difference in detail is amazing.