Complementary to TYGR 300 (<200€)

Hey there, trying not to fall down the rabbithole.

Been trying to look for a complementary headphone to the Tygrs (also have a few KPH30is) and thought I would ask as I haven’t really found much on the forum about complementary headphone sets.

Thinking of something more mid centered probably (I might just be looking for excuses to look at stuff)?
I have got a Topping L30 fed from my motherboard right now as amp.
Maybe planars as in T50RPs or similar? I don’t really know.

Happy new year btw

the 58x would be pretty good for something more mid centered. planars wise a he 400i is a pretty good planar to go for neutral bright very wide sounding headphone gives you more of that planar sound than a t50rp would. but if you want a t0 rp I feel stepping it up a bit to the t60 rp would be a better choice as its a more comfortable arguably better sounding headphone as well

I mean if they were about 220 (maybe 240)€ I would probably get the T60RPs without a second thought, but for the moment that thought still hurts too much at ~300.
Another question: 90% of the time I listen at really low volumes (I think, -9db at about 10o’clock on the L30, though that doesn’t mean a lot considering my motherboard output affects this too [B450m mortar]…), does the power volume (not the power the amp can supply) affect the fostex?
Pretty much out of the blue thought…