Complements to the LCD XC 2021

I am having a really hard time choosing a pair of headphones that will compliment the LCD XC 2021. I want a dynamic headphone that is a little more relaxing compared to the intense LCD XC. I saw some reviews online including Z’s review and reduced down to either the ZMF Aeolus or the Auteur. I considered HD800S as well but I am really sensitive to treble. I can EQ with the Lokius though which is why I am considering that as well. Any help would be super nice! Thanks in advance!

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So I have the LCDX and I find after many hours I also need just a more smooth/soft sounding headphone. With that I usually reach for my nighthawks because they sound like butter to me. The next is a toss up between my Aeon RT and T50RPs. I know these are much lower end than you are looking for but they do suite a relaxed sound for me better after a long listening session.

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I can second the T50RPs as something that works for a nice change of pace; more relaxed, lighter weight on your head. I currently have the Mark III version with ZMF oval cowhide pads, but they’re otherwise stock in terms of sound.

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What’s your budget here?

KPH30i, bwaahaha.

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I’m looking for something around 1500-1600.

Maybe look into some of the focal radence, Fostex 900mkll, campfire cascades as well. 900’s might be a little to aggressive bit can be tamed with mods. Cascades tend to be on the bass heavy side.

Hi @Macklin and welcome to HFGF !

You have a nice set of headphones already, but I can relate, sometimes it is nice to be able to reach for something different but yet still complements the rest of your gear. You have a decent budget to work with that always helps. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here that will be able to answer questions and are more than willing to help you spend your money, lol. Seriously tho many folks here have owned or heard the phones you are asking about. You’re in good hands.

What source are you using (dac/amp)? That information can help too, as it might influence suggestions.

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If you’re considering an open back that’s a bit more chill A HD800S without a tube amp is probably suicide.

An LCD 2F or an ZMF Aeolus is probably the way to go something that can be tubed is nice.

A recommendation for the current setup is a hybrid amp with some rolled off tubes can definitely help with keeping it chill and with the use of Vegan pads if you don’t wanna spend too much more can definitely help.

If you go with the Aeolus with a tube amp is definitely sounds like a winner or the LCD 2F with a hybrid and vegan pads.

I do like the T50 Argon with cowhides with a hybrid but they’re closed back. [People will say oh it’s semi open but Ryan blocks off 95% of the vent]

There’s also flexibility with the Aeolus without the bopp filter and solid state amps it really does have some serious speed and attack for less laid back listening.

Edit: @lrjshabaz is right forget what i said KPH30i’s maybe some NightHawk action maybe up your alley :pray: :alien: @Marzipan


Best recommendation on this thread

I was preppin for a fight before the second half that sentence.

tbh, something else that tubes well is arya.

So I have the Aeolus and just received the LCD-xc 2021 today, I a sucker for crisp mids and stupid levels of detail. I hate to say it because I love Zach and what ZMF is doing but these are better than the Aeolus if low end is not a priority, if you want both get the GL2000. note that I am using an idsd signature to power. My go to is the GL2000 but they are so damn loud for everyone else int the room I got some closed backs. First Audeze and Im very happy.

Thanks guys for all the help! I’m using the Singxer amp with Soncoz SGD1. I also have a DarkVoice. Which is why I am only considering dynamic headphones.

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Try it without the bopp filter

I certainly enjoy some planars on a tube but certainly enjoy them most of them with a hybrid

I would recommend if you’re trying out that ZMF there a reason most ZMF users recommend a tube. The dynamics do come up significantly along with mid range and especially soundstage. It’s just not the same without it.

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May I suggest the Venus by Hyland Headphones?

I was able to demo them and for pick up and go easy listening, they’re awesome. Only thing is there is a lead time and he is based in the UK and most people live in the US lol

Alternatively, if you have such a big budget, maybe try and acquire a Sony Z1R.
Definitely less intense, and has a very nice U shaped signature, easy to drive, light on the head for 70mm drivers, and responds very well to EQ.