Comply SmartCore

Wanted a better sealing and comfy pair of tips for my new venture into IEM’s via the Tin T1’s…tried the IINAIRS AIR2’s probably the wrong size for me :grimacing:
So I emailed Comply to see what size aperture was needed on their Comfort Ts’s to fit the T1’s…we’ve not tested the T1’s yet and suggested I get some of their Smartcore tips…I ordered a variety Pack 2 pairs of audio pro tips and a pair of sport pros, happy to say both types fit me fine (size medium) and the T1’s :+1: seal like a Limpet , the sports go in a tad further being thinner and the audios seem to be bang on for me :trophy: comfy, seal and have just used them for 3hrs of listening no probs.

I purchased these tips myself, I have no affiliations to Comply, these are my own personal views and in no way do I want to be referred to as a shill :smile:

I bought the 3 pair medium variety pack from Amazon for my T2 pros. They came with 2 comfort and 1 sport tip. They fit the IEM and ears perfectly. Sidenote: They are too large for the Klipsch IEM that I tested… the R6 I believe.

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Aye them’s the ones :+1: let’s see about the longevity? especially for commuters and work environment dodgers that may need to remove them regularly…no probs here as pretty much once they’re in they’re in for the night home wise, I just unplug 'em when the the Mrs shouts lol…PS she does love her Momentum 2’s tho :+1:

I swear by the comfort+ versions on my P1’s. The 400 versions fit the iem’s perfectly.

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There’s so many different versions on the Comply website and zero mention the size of the tips. I swear half of their money is made by people who buy one size and have to buy another after because it was too small/large for their IEMs.

I’ve been lucky with smartcore tips for my KZs, but Smartcore are only offered in large or medium, and small would be better for my ears. So I ordered “Comply for Beats X” (or some crap like that) for small earholes, crossing my fingers.

Well… I am a shill. Let me send you Dekoni Mediums. I think I might be able to send them in an envelope.

Confirmed, “Comply Sport Pro for Beats” fit my KZ ZS10 Pros perfectly. :+1:

Oddly enough, here, the Smart Core are 20$ for ONE pair (!), and the Sport Pros are 20$ for 3 pairs. So, yeah, grab “Sport Pro for Beats” for KZ ZS10 Pros. :slight_smile: