Computer Locking Help - Suggestsions?

@MazeFrame hey MF, I’m wondering if you (anyone else is welcome to pipe in if they know of something that does this) know of any way to do have a report built by scraping my Window’s event logs for any errors that happen between 10A:00AM - 10:30AM?

my computer has, on occasion, suddenly have the software I’m running lock up, then everything crashes to desktop and depending, sometimes I can tell it to restart, sometimes I have to do a hard boot. because it was random and infrequent, I never ever noticed a trend, but this week, it’s happened 5 times…once each day, until today where it’s done it twice now, between 10:00AM and 10:30AM. then it just happened again 30 or so minutes ago…between 11:21AM and 11:440AM when I took an incoming VOIP call via Teams and had it crash in the middle of that conversation

no error messages pop up to tell me something is amiss, but for this week, Mozilla has tabs that crash and closing them and opening a new one to go back to where I was will try to connect and then give me the crash message. then all my apps go white, lock up, crash to desktop. sometimes it jumps between programs while turning them white.

so, I’d like to scrape the event / error logs for everything between the time period things went nutty.

also…the OS is 6 years old, so I should do a reinstall…but it’s my work PC and that involves a lot of rigamaroll I’d like to avoid as long as possible, LoL!

Type reliability into the windows search bar and you can see the crash log. Past that just pay attention to your startup programs and reinstall whatever seems like it might be a problem. Possibly reinstall everything. The tron script v12 is an amazing tool to fix problems but read directions if you go that route. It’s not complicated at all just a couple simple directions and it’ll overhaul your whole operating system.

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Yes, is possible.
Eventvwr.exe > Userdefined reports > Rightclick on it, select “Create User Defined Report”

If memory serves correctly:
Timeframe is “User defined” , there select “Event at” for starting time to enable the time selection, same for the end.

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thank you for that…I never knew about it! :slight_smile:

I realize my frequent use of Ccleaner wipes my report logs, so everything is messed up. I will fight my OCD and see what comes up if I continue to have these lock ups. :stuck_out_tongue:

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well…I think it’s Firefox that’s the root cause, but don’t know / understand how whatever is going on causes the cascade of crashes / failures of the rest of my programs if I resist it’s errors. by resist I mean choose to click on ‘restore tab’ and have it try to load and then immediately crash. now that I have found the pattern, I know what to do…but Ff has crashed on me 3x today and having 2 total system lock ups is so far from how the issue behaved previously. <_<

hmmm…so I think it might be my running of gmail in Ff being the problem. I’m going to start tracking exactly what I’m doing when things go awry. hmmm…

so, looking more into Ff crashes, gmail…seems others have had this happen as well. appears the fix to uninstall, delete all local files and evidence of it ever being installed and then reinstall fresh. what a PITA…