Computer Monitor Ruining sound?

What happens if I use midfield speakers in the corners of my room, and have a computer setup on a desk near the middle? will the computer monitor (at least 27") ruin the sound, or will my ears fill in any issues?

I would say play a test tone (preferably white/pink noise) and go around the room with a VU-meter (Smartphone will do) making notes of the sound levels in every spot.

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I don’t actually have the setup properly yet, I was just wondering if it would derp the soundstage and imagining having a monitor on my desk

“Depends” is the only honest answer here.
I have my setup for “nearfield” in a less-then-ideal position and off-axis response is meh. In normal listening spot, sounds pretty good (when the curtain is open…)

i’m definitely not a small size axis response type of guy so I will have a set of speakers to manage that

are the speakers going to behind the monitor?

edit: i picture speakers in corners of say a 10’ wall with a desk in the middle. sound about right?

yes and yes

they may be 2 - 3 feet from the side walls, not entirely in the corners