Connect 2 Bluetooth to 1

Ok here me out. I have a set of bluetooth swan M300 speakers and a Bic Acoustech PL-200 subwoofer. I would like to connect the non bluetooth subwoofer with my swan speakers to play together from my tablet. But I can never get the ( (Bluetooth adapter for sub) to connect with my (1Mii Bluetooth 5.0). The swan connects perfectly. I also have this (Bluetooth 3.5mm adapter) connected directly to the 1Mii which feeds the signal to my tablet. I’m starting to think you can not connect 2 adapters together which brings me to my problem. The 1Mii adapter is about 20ft from the sub so it has to be connected by bluetooth. How can I connect both together (speakers, sub) to my 1Mii adapter

Since this type of issues might be present in multiple BT connection setups.
Usually it’s simple to just use one sender (tablet) and one receiver (speakers). Then the speakers should have a sub out connection.
Or making the sub as being the receiver unit (external receiver?) and sub has speaker outputs.
In most cases. Everything works.

There might be many issues with this setup so just pin-pointing possible issues is hard.
You could start Troubleshooting from: Feed signal with 3.5mm (any device) cable to 1Mii.
Then can you make the single sub make sound with the BT adabter it has with 1Mii.
Then try adding the speakers with 1Mii.
If those work. Then try changing the 3.5mm signal to 1Mii to BT to receive music.

Hello thank you for replying. Do you think this would work cutting out all 3 Bluetooth adapter completely ​ (Bluetooth sub Amp) Or something like the image below

Personally. I would look something like this.
Anything with good enough BT and single outputs will do of course. That matches the budget.

This is a cheap ProCaster Pre-01.

Since the M300 have Left / Right, AUX (RCA) inputs, would only make sense to have equal outputs on the BT preamp. From Left output to Left speaker input / Right output to Right speaker input and Sub out to Sub input.

Less possible issues and clean cables connections. No splitting or other mambojambo.

Hello I can’t find that model anywhere. I looks really good and str8 to the point no hoops to jump over. I was just about to buy this (Keiid amp) or (Keiid Wifi Amp) with the wire hookup ( RCA to Speaker wire)