Connect Logitech z5500 to Pioneer reciever

I have an old Z5500 bass speaker. Is it possible to connect this to my stereo reciever and use it as a subwoofer? Pioneer reciever is a rds804. On the back on this it has 2 connections , one is lfe, and it has connections for subwoofer pre out, and center pre out. But these are rca connections. On the back of the z5500 there is no rca connection. Only connections for speakers. Or should it be connected to the control panel of the z5500?

Found some text on the subject:
You have to make a custom DB15 cable connecting certain pins to an RCA plug which goes directly to the receiver’s subwoofer port.

Hacking the Logitech Z5500 | diyAudio You will have some reading ahead of you, as it’s a long thread and there are two versions of the system which changes the pinouts.
Roughly speaking, for the “spring-clip” version of the subwoofer, you do this:

1. Solder the center wire from the RCA plug to pin 2.
2. Short pins 6,7,8, and 13 together.
3. Solder the sleeve wire from the RCA cable to these pins (ground them). These are the front/rear/centre channel enable lines.

Want a easy solution?
Find a different sub that can be connected directly to rds804.

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