Connect more than one amp

So a question I am thinking about: I am somewhat of a rookie to the whole Dac/amp show, I just ordered a new Schiit Asgard 3 to use with one of my pc’s. I am curious about Tube amps. If I have the Asgard connected via usb ,How would I then connect lets say a Darkvoice or similar? I notice Zeos has a crapload of different amps, dac’s etc and he seems to have the frickin world attached all at once there!. I doubt he is using a bunch of rca splitters but maybe I am wrong?

Asgard 3 has RCA pre out connections. Just use them to connect to the Darkvoice so its DAC signal may be used by it.

Thanks for the quick response, I use the pre outs for my Kali LP6 monitors so that is kind of a no go. That would have been too easy Lol!

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You can split the RCA. No problem there. If you use only one amp at the time should work well imo.

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Well then He must have one hell of a splitter or a frickin huge pile of spaghetti behind all that then !!

I use this on my desktop and it’s pretty convenient. Dac signal split to darkvoice and topping pa3

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2 words come to mind… HOLY CRAP!!

Actually I think I just figured this out but not absolutely positive. I forgot I have this

It just might work!

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It might, but is unnecessary imo. Just split the RCA, simpler and cleaner. Unless you have an use for the preamp.

At the moment I am using the Jotunheim on this pc and it does not mute when you plug in phones… Frickin stupid I know right? Hence the reason for the Nobsound… On the Asgard 3 it DOES mute therefore it will not be needed for that purpose but I could do what I mentioned. Also my Kali’s are connected by XLR. The Asgard is RCA only. You can go RCA to the Nobsound then out with either XLR or RCA. Kind of a handy gizmo

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That might work.

@ZeosPantera uses a combination of optical splitters and RCA and XLR splitters. At one point, and this may have changed but he probably does the same basic thing with a different device, he used a Micca Origen to plug into his review laptop via USB. The Origen has an optical output. He then splits that optical output to send optical signals to his various dacs. From there he at least splits the analog output of his Enog 2 dac to run to his dual 789 amps he uses for testing. If you have an optical output on your computer already, a device to convert USB to optical is not necessary.

In your situation I would just do as @Davidibiza says and use RCA splitters to duplicate your A3’s pre-out and send that to a future Darkvoice and your speakers.