Connecting Edifier R1700 to both PS5 and PC

Hi all,

I currently am outputting my PC audio to my Edifier R1700 speakers. However, I recently bought PS5 and have it connected to monitor without audio input/output ports. Therefore, I currently have to use my headphones connected to controller.

I want to know what I need to connect my speakers to both PS5 and PC. Whether I need some sort of switching device to switch between audio outputs or if there is a better solution. Price is not a concern.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

There’s two options.
The first is you connect a dac via USB. It kinda looks like this isn’t officially supported but forums and reddit are full of examples of people who did manage to conenect it and it workeed just fine.

I suggest a DAC that has no need for drivers.

Second option is an HDMI audio extractor. Simply put. HDMI video + audio comes in through HDMI. Audio comes out in SPIDF or 3.5mm and video comes out as HDMI, which you then just put into the TV.

If you trust the DAC in this cheap device, you can use a 3.5mm to RCA cable. If you don’t (I don’t) just optical or coaxial into a decent DAC :slight_smile:

Is your option 1 suggesting using something like a Fosi Audio Q4? I connect the red/white speaker cables to the audio out on the DAC and then connect a coaxial to my desktop and the USB to my PS5 on the DACs audio in ports? (I’m not sure if the Fosi Q4 is actually good, was just the first result on Amazon, if I know what I’m looking for I can get a better one).

I don’t know about the Fosi but yes. That’s the idea.

There’s a nice toggle in the front to go from coax to USB so you can easily switch PC to PS

Issue with the DAC straight to the PS5 is they limit the audio output on all USB audio devices. Not an issue if it’s headphones plugged in, but if you end up sitting far away from where the screen is you will really need to crank the R1700’s.

If you don’t need or want the sound to get really loud this shouldn’t be an issue, if not I would suggest going with @toruc_macta second option and running the audio for the PS5 out from an HDMI audio extractor and then go either straight to the R1700’s or into a DAC and into the R1700’s.

I think I’ll get the Topping E30 DAC, then for HDMI Audio extractors, are there any difference in models or which would you guys suggest?

Wait whut? Oh fuck off Sony :stuck_out_tongue:

Why? Cuz they assume you’re running USB headphones and suddenly care about your ears? xD

TBF, most users will most likely just think of plugging in a pair of turtle beaches or some other gaming headset, but it is really annoying since they deleted the Optical Output on the back of the PS5.

@xJoe16 if you are going with the Topping E30, just be sure to get an extractor that outputs Optical so you don’t have to worry about converting. It would be overkill for your needs, but I am running this HDMI matrix that is also a audio extractor. But if you want something a little simpler or cheaper this one would do just fine. Just have to be sure to get one that will passthrough 4K/60hz if you want to keep those features on the PS5.

Still… I’m all for audio warnings and toggles being like “if you click this you might destroy your ears” but give us full output!

Yes. Cuz cheap optical to coax converters are balls and spending an more money on an expensive one is a waste when you can just get the right output off the start:p

Oh yeah don’t look at the one I posted. It was just an example. 4k30 and optical I believe

I’m going to get the Topping E30 and then the Astro HDMI Adapter (Astro’s Optical HDMI Audio Extractor) so using an optical cable to get audio from PS5 to DAC and then USB to get audio from desktop to DAC. Are there any particular cable brands that you guys would suggest for optical cables?

Amazon basics honestly. They are cheap as hell and do the job. I’ve used “expensive” optical cables and cheap ones and can’t tell the difference. It is just light passing through a tube instead of an electrical signal going over copper so you don’t need to worry as much about shielding.

Perfect, thank you!

Yup. There’s shit cables for sub 4 dollars and good cables for over 4 dollars. And that’s it. There’s no more destinction after ‘a cable that just fucking works’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Whetehr you spend 10,20,50,100 or 1000 dollars