Connecting IK Multimedia ILoud Speakers with Subwoofer?


How do I output iLoud monitor speakers with logic Z4 Subwoofer ?

Logic Z4 Sub back in & outs

& iLoud speakers in & out -

Rca Y-splitter.

Which end connects to which ?

Does not work !!

Tried it with this -

Does your dac have RCA out ? You go DAC RCA out - RCA splitter- 2 sets of RCA cables 1 going to the sub, other to the monitors. Not ideal but it works for me.

What’s a DAC ?

Will one of these do -



Will this do -

That’ll work, its got the RCA output.

What about this -


That looks like it turns analog RCA signal to digital. You dont need that and how good is the sound of a device selling for 23 pounds maybe good enough if youre DJ at a wedding party.

I would assume you had Logic Z4 speakers + sub before Ilouds?
In a PC setup and you used the 3.5mm plug cable?

Probably then you would need a 3.5mm splitter. Plug to PC.

and 2 x 3.5mm cables.

One for sub and one for Ilouds.

Which cable connects to the splitter ?

The Sub or the ilouds?

And does the splitter plug in to the headphone jack.

Can I do it with out connecting to a PC ?

Source device

→ 3.5mm Splitter

  • → 3.5 cable to sub
  • → 3.5 cable to ilouds

Can I do it with out connecting to a PC ?

Any media device, with 3.5mm jack. So called headphone jack.

Not working !

Here is picture of splitter connected -

Vibrating sound from the ilouds & nothing from the sub.

Connect them like this.

From PC → Splitter →

  • Output 1 → Subwoofer.
  • Output 2 → iLouds.

Splitter goes to PC not remote.

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