Connecting Two Sources to Speaker Amp with One XLR Input


I’m planning on purchasing a speaker amp I’m excited about, but it has only one input. The input is XLR. It’s a Hypex NC252MP amplifier.

Problem I’m faced with at the moment is I would like to use this amplifier in a system that includes both streaming music (via either Raspberry Pi or directly from iPad - haven’t decided yet) and a turntable (Drop + Audio Technica - just pre-ordered it).

Can someone please advise on how I can connect both sources to the amplifier, given its sole XLR input?

Is there a DAC that also can function as a pre-amp that I can purchase and use for this?

Or maybe I need to purchase DAC and pre-amp separately?

Would definitely prefer a DAC that has XLR output.

Will be using mostly a pair of JBL Studio 530 speakers.

Thanks for your time!

you need a selector switch.

Can you please recommend a good one?

I should also add that the amp doesn’t have volume control, so will need volume control between the turntable and the amp.

Also, any DAC recommendations with XLR output for the Hypex amp?

Either a Pre-Amp, Mixer or Monitor controller.

Recommending a solution when you have not decided yet is a bit difficult :wink:

Maybe look into rack mixers like the Tascam MZ-223