Connection from Dac to two Amps


It may be a really newbie question, but i have a hard time finding answers.

If i have a dac with both xlr out and rca out, would i then be able to connect both an amp to xlr and another one to rca, so i could switch between without disconnecting them from the amp?

Example. If i had the Topping D90, would i then be able to connect a THX amp via xlr and the A50s via RCA, and switch between them to try and find the difference?

On the D90 you can chose either XLR or RCA or both together XLR +RCA

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I’m currently using this:

XLR to from my M200 DAC (D90 backordered) to this switch. Then I ran XLR to my 353X, LP, and A90. My schiitty tube amp is fed via RCA. No issues whatsoever.

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Do you run xlr to rca cable from this to the tube amp then?
Or is the tube connected to the amp directly?

The Schiit Valhalla only has RCA in (I got it used to see what the fuss was about tube / OTL amps is). So it’s connected to the DAC directly via RCA.

If you have enough outs on your DAC (e.g. XLR to one amp, RCA to another), you could use something like this to AB test:

Just make sure you do a decent job volume matching the two before trying to make any judgements (louder usually sounds better). Look forward to hearing your results!

I found this from suggested, while looking at the first item you suggested:

Seems like it is what i am looking for.

Thank you for the suggestions

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I have an SMSL M500 DAC which has both XLR and RCA outputs. I have an xDuoo TA-20 hybrid tube amp connected to the DAC via XLR, and a Topping A50s solid state amp connected to the DAC via RCA. I keep the DAC power on 24/7 but typically power on and use just one amp at a time. It works perfectly fine switching from one amp to the other without messing with any of the connections.

If the goal is to try and quickly switch between amps doing some sort of A/B testing on a particular set of headphones, then yes you might need some other piece of gear.

But if the goal is to have one DAC feeding two different amps (one balanced and one single-ended), and be able to switch off between the two you absolutely can do that.

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I have the Schiit Bifrost 2 Dac, Out of which I run the Monoprice Liquid Platinum Hybrid amp via XLR and the Rca’s from the Bifrost 2 out to a 4 port switch and then port 1 is my Schiit Asgard 3 amp. I run my Desktop speakers Rca out of my Asgard as well. Port 2 of my switch runs my Koss Espy95x electrostats and port 3 out of my switch is another desktop amp the Corda Jazz… All runs very very well and still gives me another port to use…


Yes you can. Using my SMSL SU-8 I ran up to four different amps using split cables. With four amps running, it is great for comparing amps and headphones.

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Hi I’m sure this question has been answered before.
I have an A50s, D50s and an A90.
Which is the best way to hook both amps to this DAC.