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I am currently listening in a 13’ x13’ room with couch sectional, and normal accoutrements. ( I had to look up spelling) Have a Peachtree Nova 300 SS integrated and cd player and a pair of JBL 590’s that I bought on sale. Listening to exclusively Rock and Roll. Streaming HD also. Loudly most of the time. They sound very good, but they also sound not nearly as clear and detailed as as my other listening room speakers in a much larger area. Tekton Double Impacts (Would never trade them,UNREAL. A must listen!! Would like to upgrade the JBL’s and stay with a tower if possible. I keep getting Focal in my head, the aria series 936 . One type of cabinet is on sale for a lower price. Seems most of their stuff is EXPENSIVE. Love my double impacts, but, would like a different sound in a different room. Thanks for any help or suggestions, Would like to stay around $2 to 3k. Thanks New to forum. Robert


What kind of characteristics are you looking for with the different sound?
Also, is this room perfectly square?

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Yes pretty much square. My double impacts are just great, dynamic range, clarity, punch, definition, etc the JBL’s are loud but really dont possess the Tektons delivery, I know you get what you pay for!!!

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Did you want your new speakers to have similar features? Or a completely different sound?

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I guess what I’m looking for is the same impact as the double impacts. What is missing in the Jbl’s are clarity in the mid’s and lack of detail, I know thats not much, but when I listen to the impacts, they just are so clear and open and loud with DETAIL.

Going out for a M/C ride now for a couple of hours. Would like to continue or read some of your suggestions. A different sound is just fine, just with clarity and detail and punch for my rock and roll. Had magna pans a long time ago and were great, but, don’t really suit me know, don’t really want to use a sub either. Figure a floorstander would give me a bigger stage and better base? Thanks so much, talk a little later. Robert

Why not look at the Tekton Lore line?

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I agree that it sounds like you love your Tekton’s enough to continuing looking at their other offerings.
Otherwise, the brand that pops up to me first with dynamic, clear, and punch would probably be the Klipsch Heritage line, so you may also want to look there.
I had a lot of fun with my Polks in the past. It had great warmth and punch and just seemed to do it all. Their LSiM and what I read about their Legend line is also great.

I assume you want to keep the amplifier. So we need to find something suitable for a very powerful Class D monster.

Personally, I would not combine highly efficient horns with powerful Class-D amplifiers.

If you get along very well with Tekton, it is not always wise to switch brand.

JBL 4312G like Class D a lot and are in their element with classic rock.

I would also suggest to look at the Dynaudio Evoke 30 too. Very crisp low frequencys with precise impact. But a good soundstage is first and foremost their strength.

Thought about bass traps yet? Especially in a square room you will massively improve the low frequency details.

Generally worse soundstage but better bass.

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@rshaw This is very important by the way. Amp synergy goes a long way. I absolutely hated Class-D on my speakers and it finally sang and did a 180 when I switched to Class-A tube.

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