Considering the Fidelio X2HR

First of all, I already have the Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee and the CoolerMaster MH-752 which is primarily use for Games and music. I also use the Sennheiser GSX 1000 Amp for both as I swap between the two. I enjoy having both of them and use them and will continue to use both.

I find myself using the 7.1 with large sound stage setting all the time in game, and the 2.0 audio setting with the GSX 1000.

If I get the X2HR, it won’t replace any of the two, I’d have it part of the rotation when I want to use an open back set.

My question is: Will I be happy with the X2HR if I had them?

I don’t want to have buyers remorse after getting them, and then make up some BS to Newegg (Flash Deal) and return them.

I have both the HD58x and the “first generation” Fidelio X2, and the X2s are a bit more “u-shaped” in its sound delivery, meaning a bit more bass and treble, and a bit less mids. The X2s are “fun” and suits rock and pop quite well imho, but i do sense the sound is a bit more “tweaked” than in the HD58x.

As for comfort, i would say that will vary from person to person - but i feel the HD58x are a bit more comfortable for longer periods, even though they have a higher clamping force. The X2s get a bit warmer and “itchier” in my 2day beard after a while. That said i don’t really have much of an issue with the X2 comfort vise.

All in all, i use my HD58x more than my X2s, but i do smile every time i put on the X2s as they are a very good headphone. I bought the X2 at a great deal way back, and it only cost me about 150€ at a time when the normal price was around 260€ here in Norway, and it was my first “serious” pair of cans, so i guess i will hold on to them as long as they dont fall apart :slight_smile:

Treble spikes and recessed mids sometimes can be anoying, depending on the song. Bass and soundstage are amazing. Perfect for movies and instrumental music. Probably good addition if you have HD58X which should be mid forward, however I’ve never heard them.

I pulled the trigger, found a decent price for a slightly used. First impressions, I like them, definitely a different sound profile than the 58X. I agree with what most people say about these, sound stage, bass, fun, etc.

To answer my own question, yes, I’m happy with these. For the purpose in which I plan to use it, and how I prefer to hear and listen, these totally are what I’m looking for.

I got the 58X about a month ago, but I’ll be honest, and I hesitate to state this, I was disappointed with what I was hearing. So then got the GSX 1000 because of the ancillary features, (which in hindsight may have been a questionable purchase), but it did help me appreciate the 58X a little bit. So I think I’m good for now as far as my n00b headphones go. The Fidelio’s give me what I’m looking for.

That said, in a week I’m passing through the area where the Schiitr is located. Which I plan to try out some Schiit. Hopefully I can try out some of the next level headphones for comparison, and resist the temptation of walking out of the Schiit store with a new amp.

I got the “Schiit stack” (Modi2 dac and Magni3 amp) that i use for my trio of “proper” headphones (HD58X, Hifiman HE-4xx and the Fidelio X2) - and i think its a good combination. Seldom go over half on the volume knob (in high gain setting) on any of the headphones and the sound quality is pretty good.

That said, my best comparison is a fiio E10K olympus 2 (usb powered dac/amp) and my Yamaha AS501SI stereo amp (speaker amp), and i would say the stack is the better of the 3. My surround receiver (onkyo TX-NR616B) for my home theater setup sounds sounds about the same as my Yamaha, but placement makes it a bit impractical to use with headphones, so i must admit i haven’t really tried that one that much :slight_smile:

feel free to turn down the treble