Control of local media playback with home automation platforms?

I was just curious of anyone is using any of the major home automation platforms for voice controlled playback of their locally hosted music library. Specifically, a library with files in HiRes FLAC.

While nothing beats reports of direct experience (good or bad), feel free to chime in even if it’s just to mention a combination of voice assistant + player platform that you’re simply aware of. So far I’ve seen mentions of an Alexa skill for controlling Logitech Media Server/Squeezebox solutions as well as possible Google Assistant control of Volumio on the Raspberry Pi platform. Any others?

For all practical purposes I essentially have zero existing investment in anything so my own use case is pretty open. I’m thinking about taking the plunge into one of the smart speakers so I’m simply surveying the possibilities of what their assistant platforms can do. The potential for music playback control of my local library is just a box I’d like to check when comparing them.

Hello, I found this app for the Alexa/Echo platform. The app is free, but requires access to your medial library from outside the firewall. The recommend a reverse proxy, or https server with authentication. Have a look and see if it might work: