Converting MP3 to FLAC

I have a question. i downloaded dBpoweramp to convert some logic songs that I downloaded off of DatPiff to FLAC, and I downloaded one song and played it in Pine Player, and it sounded like hot garbage. What did i do wrong? I am on Mac btw

Converting a lossy format to lossless will give you no quality difference. You cannot make a lossy file lossless

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I mean it happened when I ripped my Interstellar CD too. I ripped it to apple music (because it didnt give me a choice) and then i moved the music to pine player, and it sounded like hot trash. although right now I just changed some setting in pine player, like turning off the EQ and making it 24 bit 96kHz and now it doesnt sound like trash

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so then is MP3 to FLAC useless? should I just download to FLAC right away?

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Yes mp3 to flac is useless imo.

If you can you want to get actual flac files


so then I can use the CD ripper from dBpoweramp to rip it to FLAC and that’ll work? or is CD to FLAC the same as MP3 to FLAC

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If you rip to flac from cd you will get lossless audio

and what does that mean lol

sorry Im just so confused

You’re asking a lot of very fundamental questions that could probably be better answered and in much more detail if you simply read a few articles about the various file formats and their compression and the pros and cons.

I promise you it would take you less time and make you a much more informed enthusiast.


There’s a quick cover of different formats as a starting point.
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thank you. the only thing i don’t understand is the sampling rates like in these mac players (Pine Player) because it could go from shitty to good by just changing from 170kHz to 96kHz and idk why. but ill take a look at the video

Imagine a photo that is a raw, huge-pixel count photo. The colors-and-depth-blind-infants quality photo. Imagine this is Hans Zimmer’s hard drive, where the audio file has all the original information, and the biggest it will ever be. Then you print it out the beautiful, rich photo on a decent printer, with decent ink, with decent paper, and you can’t really tell that the pixel count is lower, it still looks like a really great photo. This is CD quality stuff. Then you take that print out, put it in the first home consumer scanner, and scan it into your gameboy on low settings. That’s the mp3. You can’t take that blurry, small pixel count photo scanned onto a gameboy, and convert it back to the highly detailed original photo.

Or read this:

Hopefully we are helping, rectal leakage.

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