Corda Jazz-ff headphone amp

I just recently found a good deal for a corda jazz ff for $125. I havent seen much reviews of corda products online. What is you guys opinion of their products and specifically the jazz ff?

It’s pretty good tbh, it’s more of a relaxed amp, I think the jazz ff is very solid, works well with iems actually, pretty good for headphones, although not the best for power hungry headphones. It’s a pretty fun amp

Would you say its a good deal for $125?

I would if you are looking for a warmer sounding amp. What would you be using with it?

I have a hd58x and a dt990, i plan to get a focal elear or elegia sometime in the future

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That would work well then imo, would be pretty nice. Although I wouldn’t recommend the elear, and instead would recommend the elex (you can find them used as well), the elegia is pretty sweet though

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What do you not like about the elear? Also what do you think about the crossfeed feature pf the corda amps?

So personally I think the elear is alright, but it just makes more sense imo to get an elex because it’s an upgrade in almost every way. The crossfeed is nice for more classical music but doesn’t do much for modern pop or rap or whatever

Okay thanks! Ill go ahead and get it then.