Corner TV/speaker setup

My living room has a fireplace in the corner with a triangular shelf on top that is clearly meant for a TV and AV equipment. If I put the TV there, what is the best way to setup speakers for a home theater? Is it possible to put speakers behind the TV shooting out to the sides and use the walls to my advantage? And what about surrounds now that everything is at 45 degrees?

Pics or it didnt happen.

Fair. I phrased my question as if it didn’t happen yet, but of course it definitely did. I’m just trying to get a better home theater going.

I fully expect the reply to be, “you can’t do a home theater in a corner, it has to be against a wall”, but I’d appreciate an attempt at a real answer since I’m guessing others have this same setup.

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Not home theater but one member setup a serious 2.2 tekton towers around a corner fireplace. Used room treatment panels on the walls. Another member in the endgame thread did a projector with flanking TVs for his and her gaming/watching.

Take the plunge and be the corner loaded hometheater thread. if it dont work out you can always change stuff around and others can learn from it. My center ch is above the TV to my ears sound awesome.

I say get the AVR and pair of speakers, experiment with placement. If youre into music suggest speaker brand with center channel options. Reason being center ch is important and now that multichannel music is viable timbre matching is mandatory to my ear. Or buy a pair of $100 bookshelf speakers as a “starter set”.

Welcome aboard HIFI guides and welcome to surround sound lunacy. Home theater is long and winding road.

Picture further back might give a better idea about the rest of the room space.
Are you dedicated to doing multichanel surround, or would you simply like to try 2.0/2.1/2.2? Also, what is “allowed” in this scenario?

My initial feeling is that towers or bookshelf speakers on stands is where I would start. If multi-chan is desired, I think there is likely room on the mantle below the screen. That’s already fairly high, so I don’t know if I’d hang it over the screen.