Correct cables for specific upgrade?

Hi Everyone,

My current audio set-up:

  • Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen)
  • SHP9500
  • Blue enCore 200

And I am going to upgrade by getting:

  • DT 880 Premium (600 ohm)
  • Liquid Spark Amp

I just want to make sure I’m getting the correct TS to RCA cables to go from the Scarlett Solo rear outputs to the RCA in on the Liquid Spark and I haven’t found anything definitive (probably because it is obvious and I’m missing it). If anyone could recommend a set, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also wanted to say thanks to everyone who knowledgeably comments in this forum. I came here from DMS on youtube and have watched Z-Reviews for some time out of interest in this whole world. I definitely went down the rabbit hole figuring out my upgrade path over the past couple weeks. The information here has been extremely valuable.

Yes, it would be 1/4 inch ts to rca, these are nice. All you would do is max the monitor out on the Scarlett and control volume with the spark, pretty great setup :+1:

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Thank you for the clarification! I appreciate it.

Most home-studio (and pro gear) with balanced jacks for input or output is fine with talking into TS.

IIRC the 2nd Gen Scarlett interfaces were a bit more picky and would disable output 1/2 if you plugged TS into the balanced outs (could be fixed by unplugging the USB cable/powering the device off and on).

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. @mazeframe, thank you for the tip. I’ll make sure to try that if I experience any issues on set up. Should have everything on Friday (May 8th).

Been over a month now. Everything works great. I’m really loving the DT880’s paired with the liquid spark. Thank you @M0N and @MazeFrame for the quick replies. Really helped me out.

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