Could there ever be a 100$ THX amp?

I am just fantasizing here, but what do you think? Is it feasible in your opinion that in the coming years, thx technology could trickle down to the 100$ price range?

You can buy a JDS labs Atom or a Schiit heresy for 100 and have similar performance.


Schiit Magni Heresy literally sounds identical to the Monolith THX 887.

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If thats the case you might have just convinced me to buy one for my office. I was going to pick up a SP200 but it probably would have drove me crazy staring at that odd parallelogram shape and the 789 is just a tad too big for office use.

My guess: odds are 50/50 this year, 75/25 next year. Same odds that the resulting product will measure acceptably well.

Here’s my reasoning. Pretty clear by now that THX licenses the AAA circuit design to whomever is willing to pay. From a manufacturer’s point of view it’s just an added cost per unit. To reach a given price point despite the THX surcharge you have to sacrifice in some other area.

I’d guess some ChiFi company could do it right now, but you’d be getting the electronics guts of something they’d otherwise sell for some lower price, for example $70. In a year or two THX may lower their licensing fee, so you’d be getting a somewhat better overall product for the same price.

That said, just because an amp has AAA in it doesn’t mean an audible benefit will be there. If the other electronics are too inexpensive to maintain an adequately low level of distortion and noise, the AAA benefit will be neutralized. Not to worry. ASR would pay out of pocket to buy and test a $100 amp with AAA in it.

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This says it all.

Here’s my question: Could there ever be a way to have people figure out they don’t need nor want thx?

Personally, I genuinely feel the atom and heresy are higher preforming amps than thx. They are just as resolving as thx with slightly better timbre, more natural presentation, and overall a more refined sound. Imo thx doesn’t have a place in the market when these options exist, they go for the same goal but accomplish it better at 1/4 the price, yet people are mislead towards other options by the stigma that has built up around thx


Seems like?..


It should cost less than $100 lol. Extremely overhyped.

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What I’m more interested in is a more powerful RNHP for under 1K.


I have always respected the power and clarity of my SP200. Not my favourite, but it has a niche.

Then yesterday I started going A-B with my 1/4" jack from my tube amp to my SP200. The SP200 was clearly inferior. I mean like “Holy crap, that’s bad” kind of inferior. That is the first time I ever had that experience with this amp. It really surprised me.


I get that, I’m just saying that you can get similar or slightly better performance for a fair bit less.

Also comparing to a tube isn’t necessarily apples to apples, not really going for a similar goal lol


I hear you, but my tube is a LOT better. And it is not a thick, syrupy, bassy amp. It is clean, clear and spacious/airy/something. I don’t know the exact word, but a week in, it is blowing me away.

Much like the Elex’s did. Too bad they’re not a great pairing.
It would be great to take awesome, attach another awesome and be at end game! :grin:
Of course it doesn’t work that way.

Of course, you picked up a great amp. I’m just saying thx is going for best measurements, where the MAD amp is aiming for the best actual sound it can lol, not the most fair comparison :wink:

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Fair enough.

Schiit heresy is such an easy recommend… I havent heard a thx but in terms of cleanliness I can’t see myself needing more than this… I also dont feel like its compressed so is that a thing of the past? (A3 same thing)

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Answer is simple. Updated Johtunheim. If the Asgard 3 can have balanced out with Johtunheim power or a little better at the same price point. No contest.

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Yes if they further improved upon the Asgard 3, I think they would have a winner. I don’t think it really needs balanced or more power though


I get the feeling single ended is as good as balanced as long as it is the objective of the device and it’s really just a path to choose more than a boost in quality?

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