Could use a bit advice on dac and amp for dt1990 pro

I just bought a dt1990 pro , i dont know what to buy for the dac and amp to make the most of it without spending a lot.
Begginer and amatour to audiophyle stuff
I like balanced and warm soundstage,i listen to pop and hiphop.
Plus that i am a gamer and play games a lot.
My current options are
topping a50/a50s + d50/d50s or
shiit magni heresy/magni 3+ and modi 3+
Which combo is better?

  • if u have a better recomendation, ill be glad to hear it

Hi! Welcome to HFGF! In the price range of the gear you mentioned I would recommend the Schiit Modius + Asgard 3 if you want a matching stack. Since you only need single ended the Topping E30 + Schiit Asgard 3 would save a few bucks and still be fantastic. I have more thoughts on the E30 and Asgard 3 with these links:

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Well i checked the asgard, it has an dac adding card option, i think its ak4490 any opinions about that?

I’ve not heard the Asgard’s DAC module options. Many on here say the AK4490 option is soso and they the multibit module sounds really good. Either way the 2 big drawbacks are that you decrease system flexibility by going all in one and the DAC modules actually decrease the Asgard’s output. They don’t provide enough voltage on their own output stages so the amp never reaches its maximum. For a dt1990 that’s likely a non-issue but if you ever buy more demanding headphones it could be.

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There isn’t any reason to get the integrated ak4490 DAC module when the Modi3+ exists at the same price unless you absolutely hate having a stack on your desk.

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@mohamad_mousavi Good advice from @WaveTheory. I would agree.

I was going to buy magni modi but the comments i read they say jt has a compression problem.
And i forgot to mention, in my country its a bit complicated, price of dac amp all in one is way cheaper than the same dac and amp separate due to shipping costs.
If u have any good dac amp, that would be great too, i currently have in mind:
Topping dx3 pro, ifi zen dac, fiio k5 pro, schiit hel

I have found a bundle, e30 + l30 for like 300 dollars
Good combo?

From these choices I would choose K5pro or Hel.

I like the E30 for its price. Very solid DAC. I don’t think the L30 matches the E30’s level of performance. But the L30 is still better than not having an amp.

As for Schiit’s compressed sound, that was an issue on the Modi/Magni 3 generation. To the best of my knowledge that issue has been fixed with the 3+/Heresy generation.

Hi there. Is the ifi zen dac good enough to drive the Dt1990 pro adequately? The sensitivity is quite high but the impedance is 250
Also is 450 bucks a good deal?