Cowboy Bebop vinyl

Stumbled on these today and I’m seriously considering buying it. I’m not a vinyl fan but I love the show and the soundtrack. Have been looking to aquire the multiple CDs or a Box set without selling a kidney, and I will say the idea of getting 22 original songs for $30 is nice. And the LPs are freaking gorgeous too.

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This hurts on a personal level considering I imported my CD for 30€ from Japan ;D
You even get more songs than I did (was still worth it though)

Dayum may have to get me some of these hehe, totally forgot amazon sold Vinyll or CD, May make me buy a vinyll player haha.

My dad gave me his pioneer pl-518 and about 150 records back in December. Since then I have gone a little overboard with buying records, but this is definitely the one I am looking most forward to this year. There are some other color variants out there that may still be available for pre-order.

For anyone interested in all the options, they are distributed by Milan records:

They are sold out in their store but I believe you can found them around the same price in other EU retails.

I mean… to my knowledge, some people buy vinyl for there art

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Is this the album/cd?

I recently bought the anime series DVD boxed set and love the music too. I’d watched it years ago and re-watched a few episodes last week.

Not sure, from what I understand there is a not of different CDs out there. Two main ones I know are these:

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Thanks for this! Just picked it up!