Creating a living room setup

I’m looking to create a HT setup in my living room.

Disclaimer: Kind of an audio noob. I got the HD6xx headphones, aune stack and THX 789 because I liked what Z said about them. I am enjoying them greatly.

I kind of have my mind set on some Klipsch speakers. I watched Z review the RF7-iii which kind of sold me on them:

And this dude: Klipsch RF-7 III Pissing Off my Neighbors Since 2019 - YouTube + ANOTHER Klipsch RF-7III vs SVS ULTRA Tower Comparison!!! Part 2 - YouTube
In some scenario’s I prefer the SVS setup but in some I think there is too much bass. I think I am better off with a separate sub.

I can however not listen to them before buying them. I do not know of any audioshops nearby that have them (Live in EU) I have to go by videos on Youtube.

I also don’t have a receiver yet. Currently looking at the Denon AVC-X3700H

What I currently (maybe this thread changes my mind) want to get is:
2x RF-7 III left + right
1x RC-64 III center
1x Klipsch SPL-150 sub
2x RP-600M back left + back right
Denon AVC-X3700H receiver

I do not want to nuke my wallet for this all in 1 go so I am looking to spread cost a bit.

So a couple of questions:

What would be the best course of action? Buy the RF7-iii speakers first and later get the RC-64 III center speakers with the RP-600M or just use the RP-600 with maybe the RC-64 till I want to get the RF7 speakers.

Or am I overlooking some questions I need to ask myself first before I get any of this?

PS: I am very exited at the possibility of blasting Epic Score, the Modern Warfare main theme, Hans Zimmer, Bach, The Buena Vista Social Club, Wolfheart and much more in my living room. THERE WILL BE MUSIC.

Healthy budget, nice. Can you get your hands on SVS subs. How big is the room, is it an open floorplan. You going with projector or TV. Consider multiple subs instead on a single one.

What i usually suggest.
First get FR & FL speakers (FR- III) and probably the Denon AV if you do not have amp for the speakers.
If you would need more low end bass, next would be the sub.
Then later upgrade with Center and SR & SL.

I like it. It was either the (FR + FL) or the (SR + SL + Center) first but I wasn’t sure. I thought the SR + SL could move to the back later when I would be ready to buy the RF7-iii.

The RF7’s would be the best sounding speakers and getting them first makes the most sense.

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I do seem to be able to get them here in the NL: SVS PB16-ULTRA Subwoofer - JVB Digital OPPOstore
But that is a lot of money for a sub. I might just stick with the SPL-150.

My room is 535cm x 900cm => 210.63inch x 354.331inch.
It’s an open floorplan (my kitchen, diningroom and living room are all the same space.)
The room is a “stair steps” shape. There’s a closet and hallway reducing the space of the room.

I am only planning to buy a TV for now. 65" or more depending on the specs of the TV.

Is that the only SVS model available to you? Their base model is only $500 usd

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looks like the store he linked has everything from the 2000Pro up, but a Euros costs the same as $.
so an SVS2000 pro is $1000 euro’s or about $1200 USD.
I have no idea how that compares to local brands, but since it likely includes VAT, it’s probably comparable.

No it’s not the only one that is available to me. This is just a random webshop but they have loads of them:

Z does say: “The problem with most subwoofers is that they’re not SVS subwoofers”.
So yeah maybe I should get an SVS one.

Yes. It seems it does work the same for most things. Companies oversees and elsewhere seem to keep the price the same without accounting for the exchange rate.

So most of the time equipment etc is more expensive in the NL than it is in the US.

There a good product I have an SVS2000, but they wouldn’t be worth buying at a significant premium if there are local brands that are competitive.
Having said that if the price on the site includes VAT, it’s actually not significantly more than in the US, where prices do not include sales tax.

Very happy with mine and customer service is top notch. Trade up program within a year of purchase so if you want better in a few months or before the year time frame what you paid goes towards cost of upgrade. Just used the program myself a few months ago. I am biased for sure, but quality and a good experience dictates happiness often

Yes I like mine, I had an SVS1000, the amp failed, probably just a fuse, but they aren’t user replaceable.
SVS was extremely responsive getting a refund was entirely painless.
And in the meantime the 2000 went on sale, so I got a free upgrade in effect.
But I don’t know how the customer service would translate to Europe, would very much depend on who they use as a local distributor.

Like others have mention buy local if able to get the better deal. What speaker brands do they carry at the shops in your area ? see emotiva amplifiers on the website you provided and mentioned denon 3700 so power wont be an issue.

Think the way is getting first the denon 3700, bookshelves with minimum 6 inch driver and a powered subwoofer. consider dual 12 inch subs instead of one 15.

Sum it up, buy the receiver bookshelves and single subwoofer. Get sound in the room then decide what the upgrade path will be.

This is the way.