CSS Criton 1TD Kit (build review)

I just wanted to post this because I bought the kit (with flat pack and their superior crossovers) and I put it together. It was straightforward but I didn’t get a chance to finish the outside of the cabinets yet.

All I can say is WOW - they sound really damn good! Definitely worth the price and they work awesome in nearfield. Also I don’t think they require a sub for a desk setup. They have a lot of fullness and heft to the sound while still being very detailed and clear. I have Buchardt S400s and I like these equally as much (for different purpose, not filling a large room like the S400s). They are better at different things so I won’t go into a direct comparison.

Rave review here, maybe not $5k speakers like he says but damn good for the money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4w-aweNg9o

Thought I’d post if anyone was wondering how these sound. I was curious to see some reviews from regular people (not reviewers) before I ordered a kit. I’m glad I gave them a chance!

Apparently there is a new version with upgraded crossovers and tweeters coming soon so I’d wait for that, ETA was a few weeks if I remember correctly.


Hey! I actually just built this kit myself as well. I am super amazed how well they sound. Building it was super easy as well. What amp are you running them with?

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XTZ Edge A2- 300 since I don’t have my Redgum RGi120 back from repair yet. I can’t wait to try them with that amp! Do you have the upgraded crossovers in yours? We need to spread the word about how good these are, for what you pay it’s a LOT of speaker. How are you planning on finishing yours?

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Damn that’s awesome. I am just running them off my denon x2500h right now since I use my speakers for home theater and gaming as well. I did get the upgraded crossover and flat pack. Yeah I am surprised there isn’t more on this speaker kit. I kinda took a leap of faith when I bought these based on a few youtube reviews and a recommendation from someone on this forum.

I currently have them wrapped in white vinyl used for cars, so it is very durable and clean looking. I plan on decorating in a keith haring pattern like this.

I have a vinyl sticker cutter so I am planning out the pattern to fit on the surface and cutting it with my machine. Might take a while but it’s my quarantine project haha.

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That looks AMAZING, can you give me some details how you did it? Did you clean and sand the boxes before? How did you cut out the holes for the drivers and how did you overlap? Thanks, I might do the same thing due to cost. I was planning on painting but don’t have the time and don’t want to spend $100 on supplies to get a professional look. I have a sticker collection I have not used up, maybe I could sticker bomb them after lol

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I bought a 10ft x 5ft roll of “Matte White Car Wrap Vinyl Roll with Air Release 3MIL-VViViD” off amazon and essentially cutout the outline (plus a couple of inches extra just for room to stretch it around and in case of mess ups). Here’s a shitty diagram I made on ms paint haha:

I essentially placed the speaker, rolled it around, and traced it. Then I cut the red lines around the tracing. I sanded down the box until every surface was completely smooth since vinyl can be very unforgiving for unsmooth surfaces. I’d watch a tutorial on vinyl wrapping and just take your time with it. I just placed the speaker front side down onto the wrap and slowly wrapped it while heating it with a blow dryer and smoothing air bubbles with a squeegee. If you mess up you can always peel it off and start again. Then once I got it smooth, I just cut the excess with an exacto knife.

When you’re done, make sure to heat around the driver holes and back port holes to make sure the vinyl is really stuck, and then, once it cools down, just run the exacto knife around the hole really carefully. I really took my time cutting and trimming any excess by hand. I’m sure there are better ways to do it, but I had the free time. I would possibly look into cutting tape. The vinyl wrap was actually not suuuper cheap. It cost me about $60 for the wrap and everything else I had in my house. You can probably get a smaller roll and calculate it better than I did lol. I had a lot of excess vinyl when I was done.

It also doesn’t look super perfect up close! I had some issues and some areas looks kinda bad up close, but you can’t tell from afar. Also, I just figured I’m going to sticker over those parts anyways! Lmk if you have other questions!

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Prophetic? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I got the recommendation from @joshua_g ! Thanks again haha.

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