Current DAC amp is showing its age. looking to replace

My current DAC amp is the fiio e10k. It has been serving me well, but its starting to show its age. It produces a static noise when I turn the knob, but it doesn’t happen often. I got it sometime in 2016. Im looking to replace it/ upgrade maybe. My current headphones are the sennheiser HD560s. I have been using them for media consumption and gaming.

My budget is $100. I might push it a tad higher if the product is compelling. Though I will try to keep an open mind if suggestions go outside of budget. But that is not a guarantee.

I have thought about buying the e10k-tc for its same price. I never really had a problem with the e10k. The fulla 4 has also crossed my mind. I am open to other suggestions and thank you for your time.

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Last time I checked static when a volume pot is turned is due to debris in the pot. I believe this can be fixed.[See below]

Honestly solid state amp upgrades make not a huge difference moving to a fulla will provide gains… Just very small ones.

Once you hit that schitt magni/asgard territory passed this it really drops off the deminishing returns cliff

I’d say honestly your amp is probably fine for a 560s. Sennheiser gear I’ve found definitely scales I’d definitely take a look second hand first as for the budget you’ll probably get more bang for the buck if you want to upgrade. Something like a schitt magni, heresy, asgard, JDS atom is excellent, Cavalli Liquid spark.

Any of the above would be great, in regards to tubes a Darkvoice or little dot mk2 would be excellent for something different. Certainly a lot of fun with a 560s

Thanks for the debris info. I will definitly check that out.

The magni heresy has caught my eye before. I will look into that even more.

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They’re all good most modern solid states.

Definitely though check out a tube amp with the HD560s it will blow your socks off that is a serious change up on that sennheiser sound. The mids are like honey. Golden and sweet