Custom Cans DT 880 600 ohm mod kit bass increase?


I thought the Dt 880 600 ohms had good Bass after using dekoni pads and the bass boost on the zen can, but I just got to listen to AKG K451 and I have been brutally reminded what actual BASS is like…I had been living in blissful ignorance.

Don’t get me wrong It’s well balanced with the rest and is punchy and all on the DT 880, but now once more, I yearn for more. The Custom cans mod kit seems to change nothing about the signature and only increase the bass response, but is anybody able to tell me how much of a difference it is?

Looking at the graph it’s barely 1 db so I am guessing it is almost unnoticeable?

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Changes are atleast nearly unnoticeable. The “smallest” tweaks can be + - 0.5 db and those are close to unnoticeable but still very very subtle.
You really need to focus and listen how the balance of bass or another FR- changes with the tweak or change. It’s easier to EQ or change FR ranges with 1-2 db more or less and notice the difference while using some test-tone or sound and going back and forth settings.
Then the last “tweak” is more or less a good questimate. :slight_smile: What feels better.

Did order the mod kit and let you know if I can hear any changes in the bass response :wink:

ooh, can’t wait :slight_smile:

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FWIW, the mod kit for the Sennheiser HD6XX/650 the tits. Makes them a better set in so many ways.

Well you made me even more anxious to get my package from them so that I can mod my dt880 hd650 and get my hifiman 560 headband fixed :partying_face:

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I can’t vouch for the comfort strap mod, but I’ve bought a couple of their kits and they put out good stuff so I think you’ll be satisfied.

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Really looking forward to this, because it seems that as I asked this question, ifi came out with a new idsd that has several settings for true bass.

It seems way expensive and the negatives outweigh the positives.
The specs look to me like I could get the same in an amp half the cost and while I would not get the new shiny xbass, I would still get some from the DAC.
Bluetooth I have no use for since I don’t have native bluetooth on my PC… I think, was never a concern of mine lol.
It would also completely replace my stack and remove the tube preamp from the chain, this is a rather strong negative.

It would get twice the power I currently have and more xbass, which is perfect, I enjoy the DT880 and I like the sound from the zen stack, this would be that but better.( and potentially with less cables)

That said, it is up against a major case of “Oooh, shiney!” :smiley:
For the sake of my wallet, pleae tell the mod is worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

*** edit ***
this comment from Currawong on the other hand is doing a lot to discourage me
idsd 2 preview

I’ll see if I can find a power supply for my can cause I can’t find it right now, so it will take some time till I have some time to compare
Than I can hopefully give you a better picture of the improvement from a zen DAC can stack to a bf2 g111 combo with a bhc Sitenote :wink: