Custom Sony MH1C Ruined?

I purchased a custom MMCX modded Sony MH1C from eBay last December. From Indonesia, if I remember correctly…

Shortly after, I began experiencing problems with what I believe to be the cable (sound cutting out, scratchy, etc.). I contacted the seller without much luck.

Suddenly, the left side started to “spoil”. Within minutes of putting them on, the left side would quickly become muffled. Within just 5 to 10 minutes, they were basically unusable, and I might as well take the left IEM out. After letting them sit for 10-15 minutes or so, the sound was back to normal. However, the problem would always repeat. This problem began very suddenly, mind you.

I didn’t have any rubbing alcohol or peroxide, so I used some alcohol-based hand sanitizer on a Q-Tip to clean the tiny mesh, then let it sit to dry. I did this a couple of times. I noticed that the small drop of sanitizer on the Q-Tip seemed to go inside of the IEM, through the mesh.

Now, the “spoiling” of the left side no longer happens. Instead, the sound is always constantly (and permanently?) muffled!

On top of all this, the output on my Android phone that I was using as a source has mysteriously diminished at some point, with no clue as to why. What a headache!

Is my custom MMCX modded MH1C that I paid $44 for already ruined? Isn’t there a tool I can use to remove the mesh and filter? Maybe the alcohol messed with a foam filter inside and maybe that’s the culprit? Any ideas?? Thank you.

maybe its a moisture issue, put it in a bag of rice.

or in a bag with those silica gel packs.