Custom Speaker Covers

I’ve had 3 speakers get torn woofers over the last several years. I suspect the cats but I needed a solution to protect them and found Digital Deck Covers. They make custom equipment covers for all types of gear and they can make them for nearly any product. My speakers (Q Acoustics 3030i) weren’t in the product list so I filled out a form and they added the product within hours.

I placed the order on a Sunday and received them the following Monday (basically 5 business days). I’m very pleased with the result. There was even enough slack for the binding posts and cables sticking out. I figured I’d pass this on for anyone that has speakers or other gear in an environment they want to protect from dust, pets or children.


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That’s the company I use for all my stuff. A+

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They can do custom sizes for anything. They do cutouts for monitors that can also be done for speaker cables.