Custom Speaker stands built out of spare wood

Was tearing down a big bookshelf that I didnt want anymore and thought that the wood would work pretty decent for some speaker stands. With some other wood I had lying around. Granted they arnt the best but I learnt as I went along and couldnt really mark any markings in the wood due to the sruff already on it so went off eye xD.

They are around 66cm tall with the legs at around max height as they are adjustable. Thought that was pretty cool xD.

Some feedback would be nice on what to do better next time.
Personally I think the bottom needs to be bigger next time to add to stability and figure out a better method of securing things together haha. Also maybe some more care into them xD.

Don’t mind my walls they been like that for around 9years maybe haha need to paint them Planning on going all grey but unsure atm.

In right topic now xD

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Any opinions be appriciated for next time I build some, as I said lose the brackets somehow and probably use thicker wood and preferably larger on the bottom for extra stability.

looks good. maybe some nice edgebanding?

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Maybe give it some paint?
Just one quick sanding, dusting and a coat of paint go a long way from β€œeh?” to 8/10 looks

And some edgebanding like @Antpage2 suggested, or plywood with the edges rounded off.

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Yeah cheers guys will do for next time or if i choose to improve these. Was my first try so didnt really bother Sanding them really. or paint haha. But yes I will do that when I get some more wood :smiley:. Probably after I make my room look a little better tho haha.

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To get rid of the L brackets find center pre drill holes for screws. Get recessed screws attach then apply stain.

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These I made for B&W, I messed up, one is 1/8 taller. Tops had to trace the speaker onto wood then glue bendable plywood and router. Made the leg holo to fill with sand. The speaker sat flush to the top base.

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Awesome looking, Thanks for tips. I did actually attempt this but the screws I had on hand were way too big to do this so I could only get one in the middle sadly. For next time tho :smiley:

I won’t lie it was a pain in the ass to get it to that state. I have the tools and I wanted to get everything right but I still messed up. I have skills from custom car audio so that helped.

This was pretty much the first time I did it, Used a mitar saw that was laying around xD and a drill haha.

DYI is awesome but my skills usually makes it twice as expensive than store bought. :laughing:

hahaha i just used what i had on me. Got some metal stands for now until i buy some proper floorstanders.

you dont get that emotional rollercoaster/attachment like homemade.

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