Cute cheap (bluetooth) speakers for Christmas?

Hello! So i am looking to get cheap speakers for my mom. Honestly i was thinking of a jbl bluetooth charge like I have and i might get that if I find nothing particularly interesting. But i know that my mom likes how speakers look (like when I had the miccas). Question is, any good pretty bluetooth speakers? Just testing to see if anything is worth or if I should just get a jbl charge for her

I would look into UE bluetooth speakers they are actually pretty damn decent for their size and function. the JBL speakers arent bad either

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Budget?? what are we looking for? portable? on a shelf?.. many many options out there

Under 200?

Hypothetically if you wanted a pair of decent looking bookshelf speakers…Edifier1280db with…Bluetooth, optical, rca and I believe usb… for like 130? of you still have to be able to plug one in

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Oh wow even at 110 atm interesting. Thanks!