๐ŸŒถ CYBER MONDAY SALES - Support HiFiGuides

:hot_pepper: CYBER MONDAY SALES - Support HiFiGuides

Hey HFGoers, This holiday season feel free to shop / share these affiliate links from retailers/brands. We here at HiFiGuides thank you for your patronage throughout 2023 and the last 4 years. Look forward to some exciting things in 2024 Cough CAF ROOM Cough

Linsoul - Linsoul Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023
HifiGo - Black Friday Sale โ€” HiFiGo
Apos - Apos Audio Deals Section
Shenzhen - 11.11 Audio Festival - SHENZHENAUDIO.COM
Amazon - Cyber Monday Deals 2023 | Amazon.com
Dekoni - https://dekoniaudio.com/?rfsn=6406645.d33749 Cobalt is on Sale!
kiiBoom - KiiBOOM
Audio46 - Audio46 | Shop Best Audiophile Headphones Online and In Store NYC
Adorama - https://adorama.rfvk.net/gMJZv
Epomaker Keyboards - Epomaker
Mechkeys Keyboards - Sale โ€“ mechkeysshop
MUSICTECH - MusicTeck Online Store
DROP - https://hifiguides.page.link/MASSDROP

Periapt - custom audio interconnects โ€“ periaptcables
Hidizs - Hidizs | Portable Premium Digital Audio Players (DAP)
Emotiva - Holiday Sale โ€“ Emotiva Audio Corporation
Pioneer Minisplits - Black Friday Collection Page
Elegoo 3D Printers - ELEGOO Black Friday 2023 โ€“ ELEGOO Official
Odinlake Chairs - BFCM Special โ€“ OdinLake
Valencia Seating - Valencia Home Theater Seating
Aperion Speakers - Aperion Audio | Best Home Theater Surround Sound Stereo Speaker System
HSU - HSU Products โ€“ Hsu Research
DEKONI - https://dekoniaudio.com/?rfsn=6406645.d33749
MEZE - Meze Audio - Sound. Comfort. Design. True high-end.
SONARWORKS - SoundID Reference - Speaker & Headphone Calibration
LETSHUOER - LETSHUOER | Your reliable HIFI audio gears creator and manufacturer โ€“ letshuoer
SJY AUDIO - SJY Audio Stabilized Wooden Headphones โ€“ SJYAudio

Affiliate links used for all. Thanks for participating. Leave a comment if anything else seems worth while!

:space_invader: Z Reviews COLLABS - ZeosPantera's Collabs | Linktree

Not audio relatedโ€ฆ But Lifestyle related, I have special sales commissions on BIDETSโ€ฆ So there is this.

:star: BioBidet BB2000 https://hifiguides.page.link/BB2000 (I own 3 of these and gifted one)

BioBidet BB-1000w https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007HIKPQC?ref=t_ac_view_request_product_image&campaignId=amzn1.campaign.1RLWQCK2J4CF9&linkCode=tr1&tag=wwwpuresimula-20&linkId=amzn1.campaign.1RLWQCK2J4CF9_1700496283992

BioBidet Discovery DLS Amazon.com

Added a few to the Main Post. So many to keep track of.

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