D brand skins for gear

GUys I need your help I know I can make it myself but if we get this done it could potentially lead into something better. if your unfamiliar for d brand they are resposible for making overpriced but extremely well done product skins. they mainly target the phone and laptop market but they also make skins for game consoles and a couple of headphoens and TWS IEMs. My main target right now is to get fiio btr5 skins made and to get it made we need to show interest in getting it made. you can also request other things through https://dbrand.com/contact. imagine what you could get made skins for DAPS, THX amps,DACs and more headphones. here are some examples of their skins.


again https://dbrand.com/contact I would love help showing interest in the btr5 we could do collective requests for products you want to pitch get made as well.

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How how do their skins work? Like, Do you send them the device and they skin it, or is it more like a sticker/overlay you just paste at home?

Also do I send them a request for skinning a BTR5 (I don’t own one), or just anything in general and mention the BTR5?

Sounds Cool though, but I don’t know what I’d skin (maybe my Phonitor 2 if I can get it working again, then again, temperature worries me, then again, it doesn’t get that hot really, then again, air exposure, hmm.

its a sticker that you overlay also known for their aplication videos

yeah just click on the link and ask fore anything you want the btr5 . Im thinking if we get enough requests and get this done they can start making skins for other audiophile gear