Dac/amp 0-1000 money

Iam looking for a desktop dac amp combo for my dt 1990 should pair well and should be future prof for headphone updates.

at the moment i use my sxfi amp. i do gaming and listen to music with that setup

i know pretty much what is in the market but can´t decide and need some ass kicking to pull the trigger

i was thinking about


A90+D90 combo

Sp200+M200 combo

maybe i get a cheap tube phono too for it like this fx 03 to switch somtimes to tubes when i want it

who has experience with this dac amps and the 1990

cant decide since 2 months PLS HELP

The Rme adi is possible that can be not yours.
What type for Music hear you and what you prefer?Warm,cold,Analytical?

The Rme is too german in my opinion.Too clean to fast not brillant enough when you like hear the low ends.Have nice gimmiks inside but not for this price,because is not intuitif enough and easy to learn.Need many time for it.
The other amps and Dacs can i say nothing about.
I don’t have read anything about or compare it.

I listen to every kind of music rock hip hop jazz blues reagge rnb classic

I like analytical sound clean brilliant and impactfull with a bit of dryness if that makes sense

And i am german

hmm, your choices sound good honestly. I would recommend RNHP + Bifrost 2. Real good pairing for it. I switched to T1 though since I didn’t want so much analytics and went with a liquid platinum balanced + bifrost 2. Unfortunately, 1990 doesn’t respond real well with balance and tubes in comparison from my experience.