DAC/AMP at first for TV, then as headphones source

Hey, I wanted to get a receiver and build some 2.1/2.0 system for my TV, which I could later on upgrade to 5.1+. Unfortunately I really care about HDMI 2.1 and there is nothing that supports 2<= ports.

I’ve been thinking if it’s possible to get DAC+AMP (or combo) which will play great with speakers, connected to TV, and then (when I get a receiver supporting hdmi 2.1) I could use it as headphones source.

I care about remote control, no noise when music isn’t playing and probably optical input?
Optical input should be better choice when connected to TV, to not relay on integrated DAC?

I don’t have any speakers or headphones (except old JVC UX-TB30 currently connected to tv, and Fiio FH5).
If that’s a bad idea, I’ll just abandon this project and wait for a receiver that support HDMI 2.1.

If you find it possible, I’ve been thinking about HD660s or Sundara as my future headphones.

Any suggestions?
I’ve found SMSL AD18, which has remote control, supposedly is quiet when not playing, but I’ve heard that it’s not the best source for headphones.
More expensive NAD D3020 V2, TEAC AI-301DA?

Max price 600USD. I’m from Europe, maybe that is important in terms of availability.
I don’t mind used gear.

Marantz PM6006 would work for a 2.0 setup.
My dad has one and to me at least, it sounds pretty good.

Headphone out is good, allthough I don’t have any demanding headphones to test it with.

Advantage over the Denon below is the option to disable the speaker outputs.

If you want to add a subwoofer, the Denon PMA-600NE has a dedicated port for that (is otherwise fairly similar to the Marantz, they are the “same” company after all).
AFAIK it also has built in bluetooth (which the Marantz lacks).