Dac/amp combo for +/- 200$

Hello. Im looking for upgrade my dac/amp combo.
My current dac is fx audio dac-x6 and i would like to buy something better.
In the future i would like to buy planars headphones so it will be good if dac will have enough power to
handle with planars.

I found fiio k5 pro and topping dx3 pro… which one will be better? Any other sugestions?

I would recommend the fiio k5 pro because of the excellent value and sound. It has plenty of power and sound quality for most planars. It’s just really hard to beat right now imo

So k5 pro is better choice than dx3 pro right?
In my opinion k5 pro looks better, a lot of people say that its sound very goooooood but is it a big upgrade? I mean will I hear the difference between x6 and k5 pro?

i personally am using jds labs atom with a topping d10 and its fabulous, i used to swear by schiit products but have, over time, heard some strange compression/color to the sound while using their dacs.
the fx audio dac x6 worked for about a week then totally gave out, not recommended.
same thing happened with the monoprice dac amp combo
micca origin d2 also looks awesome, check that out too, depending on your needs.
hope this helps


IMO yes to both questions, it has a much better amp section. The atom and topping d10 are also another great stack, but imo the k5 pro has better bang for buck.

The micca origen g2 is not going to be an upgrade imo, but the atom and d10 stack is great

Hmm… i preffer one device so k5 pro will be better choice, also its new product from fiio so im happy that i will get “fresh product”
Is there something else in this price range +/- 200$ or fiio just beats other dacs?

having a separate DAC and Amp allows you to mix and match going forward. So looking at the options in the $100 range for DAC’s and Amp’s would be in your best interests.

An example of what I’m waiting for is the Monolith Spark DAC…its coming out late November and hopefully complements the Spark Amp, that’s been well received.

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Something else that just came out would be the iFi Zen Dac, but imo to fully take advantage of it you would want to go balanced which might add unnecessary cost (and you would have to mod your t50)

With the K5 pro you can use it as a dac if you decide to upgrade, or get a better dac and feed it into the k5 pro too, so I don’t think upgrading will be an issue if you keep the k5 pro and upgrade


I think i will go for fiio k5 pro cuz atom is not worth (i mean it will cost me around 150$ cuz of additonal tax + shipp) and for example topping d10 is additional 90$ so…

Thanks everyone for help ^^ i hope k5 pro will be awesome :smiley:

Nice, hope you enjoy it :+1:

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