DAC/AMP combo for a HD58X


I am new in the hifi world, coming from gaming headset and I can instantly feel the difference with the HD58X using the realtek mobo chip. How more does a good DAC/AMP improve much more the quality? Can you recommend me a pair for these headphones with upgrade possibilities for example for something similar to HD6XX? The budget is 200$ but I can do the effort until 300$. I am from the European Union if its possible a brand that can be bought here to avoid customs.


So I don’t imagine 58x will benefit greatly with an upgrade imo it works pretty great on any amp/dac however I’m unfamiliar with that Realtek chip.

Buying a set up can still be worthwhile though especially if you plan on getting a 6xx in the future :+1:

What music do you listen to and are you looking for certain features? Will this be desktop use or do you need portability as well?

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Realtek chip is the default sound integrated chip in any PC motherboard, so is the worst chip you can see and I am sure that it destroys the music :slight_smile:

Its for desktop use and I listen especially rock and metal, also love videogames with great OST’s and I spent a lot of time playing them, and a bit of electronic.

Features, I don’t know much about them but better if it has optical conection option that is the conection that have in common my PC and TV.


okay cool so for a dac the topping e30 would be a pretty sweet option with optical and I think for an amp id consider the Schiit Magni 3+ if you want a more musical experience or Schiit Magni heresy for a more analytical one… normally id rec the liquid spark for a budget amp but it rolls off high frequencies and I feel like Schiit stuff pairs nicer with sennheiser cans and the 6xx will benefit from the additional power as well if you decide to pick that up in the future

edit: oh my bad were you looking for a combo specifically? I haven’t heard the fiio k5 pro but it has optical and is pretty highly regarded here

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Combo or no combo while in the price range its well :grin:

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That’s really hard to quantify and varies with headphone models as @donjklassen points out. An outboard dac and amp will quiet the background noise and give you an overall cleaner sound. A more powerful headphone amp will also give the sound a more dynamic, punchy, and effortless character. The 58X is made to not be amp picky. So it will sound good on the integrated audio, but still improve to some degree with dedicated dacs and amps.

Being in the EU also makes things more difficult for the entry level, unfortunately. The Topping E30 is a slam-dunk choice on DAC. You may have to eat the import cost on a Schiit amp - either of the new Magni amps (3+ or Heresy) - or even go further and look at an Asgard 3. Unfortunately you EU folks seem to be at a real disadvantage for amps under about $500USD :woman_shrugging:. The Liquid Spark is certainly not a bad option, but @donjklassen is right again to point out that it does roll off the treble just slightly, which can make it a bad match for some Sennheiser headphones like the HD650/6XX for some listeners.


im not 100% sure as wave points out the Schiit eu stuff is pricier (but I feel your pain being in Canada lol) but should fall somewhere in the 200-250 range

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It’s really odd. My understanding is 2 channel hi-fi is more popular in the EU than the US. Also unclear why it needs to be more expensive to ship to Canada from the US seeing as how they share a continent and all…

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Yeah it’s unfortunate… the customs fees are huge and the exchange rate is terrible

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Comparing the Schiit US page againts Europe page, I think is better to buy in US.

The Magni 3+ in Europe its at 140€ and in US at 99$, like 85€, with the delivery and custom fees, I think it would be the same price. Also there is no stock in europe of any Schiit product.

The Topping E30 its easy to get on Amazon.

If the Magni+Topping are almost 300$, its there any combo with this budget that rocks for my purpose?

Also, since Magni is more difficult to found, there is any amp alternative?

Thank you.

Can you get the Liquid Spark? Again, a potentially non-ideal pairing with 6XX, probably fine for 58X. If it ever sounds like you need more treble you can try some EQ. For most other headphones, it will be fine. I like my Liquid Spark with most headphones quite a bit.

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that’s actually a really good point… im a little rusty on the 58x but it is a brighter senn so I tend to agree with this

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FIIO is sold in europe theres a model thats a combo unit that mon was always recommending.

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I think I will go for the E30 at the moment and go for an amp more later when I save some more money and schiit stock is available again in EU and invest in an Asgard 3 for the future upgrades.

The e30 is a DAC you won’t be able to run much off it especially a headphone without an amp

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Are you talking about the k5 pro?

Yeah that was it ty

We’ve run into pricing issue within the EU for the k5 pro unfortunately in the past. It may have gotten better now but it sometimes got super bloated pricing wise