DAC/AMP/Combo Gaming/Video/Music?

I am looking for some suggestions on a DAC/AMP/Combo for my computer.

Current set up:

Sound card, Creative ZX (It sucks needs random reboots some times as sound gets jacked up requiring restarting the computer to get it normal, buzzing over speakers as video card ramps up power stages, had it for years and just not happy with it)

Head Phones, Sennheiser HD598 (thinking of getting one of the Mass Drop Sennheisers’s not sure which one between the 58X and 6XX)

Speakers, JBL 305P MK2 (just got these for Christmas, they sound great but I get annoying buzzing from my graphics card as it ramps up power stages)

Looking for suggestions as this is very overwhelming.
Use case is primary gaming, mostly FPS (Escape from Tarkov, Squad, Rainbow Six, etc…), Simulation (DCS, War Thunder, Dangerous Waters, etc…), and what ever else. Next is YouTube, Music, Streaming, and Videos.

I don’t care about Blue Tooth, it would be nice to not have to unplug the head phones to get the speakers to work or have to plug them in to get them to mute but I can live with that.

Budget is $400ish total. (where does the law of diminishing returns hit on this?)

Thanks in advance for any help navigating all this stuff.

Hmm, I think something like the topping d10 dac + a jds labs atom would be more than you would need for sure. You would have to unplug the headphones for speakers to work (but that is the case with most headphone amps with a pre out). I don’t really think it would be worthwhile to go over the d10+ atom imo

Something you could consider would be a fiio k5 pro and a rca volume control, so you wouldn’t have to unplug your headphones and would control the volume with that separate volume controller

Regarding the 58x vs 6xx, I would say that would depend on your preference and what you like in sound

Thanks for the response.

Not sure on sound, I would say neutral? As close to as the creator intended it. Though I don’t mind bass in stuff like explosions but music is more of how it was recorded. (mostly listen to metal but into most things musically besides country/gangster rap)

Not opposed to stretching out on DAC/AMP might grow into something more later, (might not who knows). Mic is not a part of it as I have Blue Yeti for voice.

If the issue of having to always unplug your headphones to use speakers bothers you be sure to find a dac that has line outs and not pre outs. I know my old sd-793II combo dac/amp was that way in that it had line outs and not pre outs. But I’m not sure if it has enough power for your preferred choice in headphones. you have to ask M0N he knows everything

So, if you wanted something more neutral, the 6xx would be up your alley, but it does lack some low end bass extension and upper treble extension, and it’s pretty relaxed, so if that’s what you enjoy that would be my pick. If you want something still warmer but better extended in the bass and treble, but with less detail and not as good timbre, the 58x is for you. Also if you want to game I would definitely recommend the 58x more as it’s better for gaming imo. There are other options outside of Sennheiser as well that would suit your use case as well too

How do the Topping d10 dac + a JDS labs atom and Fiio K5 Pro compare to each other? The Fiio is looks good as it is all in one and would simplify things (and JDS labs atom isn’t on amazon, not the end of the world but makes it easier for shipping as I work abroad and have access to a federal post office).

Also how about the SMSL su-8 and sh-8?

So the fiio k5 pro isn’t as good as the d10 + atom stack, but it is 50 bucks cheaper so there is that. Can you find a monolith liquid spark amp? That would be a good alternative to the atom

For gaming, video and music, the Sound Blasterx G6 DAC/AMP combo has served me well for years. It has great audio quality and plenty of features for gaming.