DAC/AMP Combo or Stack

Hello everyone, I need opinions on what desktop setup I should go for either a DAC/AMP combo or Stack. Currently Looking at the following options (ALL are within my budget range);

Topping A50s + D50s


Topping DX7 Pro
Audio-GD NFB-11.38P
Audio-GD R2R-11

Current Equipment:
Sennheiser HD58x

Custom Hyrbrid IEM

Any feedback/suggestions is very much appreciated :smiley:
P.S Schiit Products are not being considered an option since importing them would almost cost as much as the unit alone.

Recommendations would vary based on your regional availability, so what country are you in? What kind of music do you listen to and what’s your goal relative to what you already have (i.e. what would you want to be different)?

so what country are you in?

I live in Malaysia

What kind of music do you listen to

I listen to at the moment, Classical, Jazz, JPOP, KPOP, EDM, POP anime/TV Shows/Movie Soundtracks and occasional pop songs and the like. Will change between genres depending on my mood and just what I want to listen to at the moment.

what’s your goal relative to what you already have

To fully use the capability of my Headphones and IEMs, and will eventually expand to other headphones/IEMs and other equipment down the road. I like variety in my music and just wanna enjoy it at the end of the day.

Can you get Lake People amps in Malaysia? As they would be a good option to pair with something like a Topping E30 dac.

I don’t think you can source it locally from a distributors at the moment, so would probably have to import it. But honestly prefer to test the equipment first before purchase

Ah, you might be able to get them from Thomann, but not sure whether you’d get any import costs etc with that.

A Topping e30/L30 stack may do you well, otherwise I think the iFi stuff would do you pretty well. I think a micro bl would be pretty nice too, but that may be out of budget.

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The iFi Zen CAN is a fantastic option for an amp. Just about every input/output option you could want, lots of clean power, discrete balanced design, and the biggest plus, a 4 stage gain control to accommodate just about any load.

Personally, I’m holding off on a DAC as I suspect iFi will release a balanced companion DAC similar to the sold out Drop Zen DAC Signature which is beginning to ship from Drop.com.
If that doesn’t happen in the near future, I’m considering the Soncoz LA-QXD1 as a ~$200 balanced DAC alternative.

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