DAC/AMP combo suggestions

I’m fairly new to all of this but I’ve been looking around for a bit now, and I think I might go for the Schiit Hel. I play a lot of competitive FPS, occasionally some action/adventure.

I’m currently running onboard audio with my ROG STRIX B550-F (SupremeFX CODEC S1220A). I have the massdrop PC37x for gaming, so having the 3.5mm in for the mic is a plus. I also have a pair of X2HR’s I use frequently for listening to music.

Would it be worth it to upgrade?

I’m going to sneak in a dolby atmos question as well. I’ve never been a fan of VSS, but my buddy swears by it. I guess there is “performance” mode for positional accuracy. Is it only beneficial for supported games?

Thanks for the help!

No, only if you plan to get better headphones that respond more to better equipment or you need more power.

This depends on the headphone, the game in question, and the person in particular. Short and to the point… if you have a headphone, mainly open back, that has a large soundstage and good imaging then vss is practically worthless and most of the time will blatantly destroy your sound quality. Vss is a cheap marketing tactic. In some games it helps more because the developers programmed it to work better like overwatch nonetheless easy to get… if it works for you use it

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I was thinking this might be the case. Thanks for the guidance!