Dac amp for 58x jubilee

Getting a pair of 58x jubilees soon and wanting to get a dac amp combo or separate for around 200 or less so far I’m looking at smsl m100 sp100 or the origin g2

The fiio k5 pro is an excellent dac/amp combo for the price, would recommend for sure

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Would you say that’s better than the smsl combo for $135

I personally would, as long as you aren’t exclusively looking for a tube hybrid. I think it’s just more capable for the price

I actually think I want separate so I can upgrade amps later without needing to get another dac

Ah, then imo something like the m100 or topping d10 and jds Labs atom or monolith liquid spark are excellent combos

Also, even a smartphone will drive these well, they’re really not demanding. :slight_smile:

You just get typically better quality out of a dedicated amp and dac :wink:

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How do you think the geshelli labs amp compares to jds labs atom

this might be helpful!

I have seen the video just have a hard time deciding between geshelli and jds

The newer Archel2 pro looks pretty nice. Both products are pretty awesome, either of them would be great

i was in the same boat, decided to get the JDS and have been very happy. i believe they are very similar tbh. it’s honestly down to features & looks preference.

I bought the HD58X also, i went with the ifi nano black label… This my 1st setup, byt i really love this combo…