Dac/Amp for edifier s350db

Hi! I’m thinking of buying the edifier s350db for my computer setup but I don’t know which dac/amp to buy with it. Do I even need a dac/amp for these speakers? I’m mostly gonna use them to watch movies and listen to some music. Can you help me decide?

Congrats for finding a good budget / performance choice. It will do that jobs nicely. But it being an active speaker, they sadly or happily doesn’t benefit from that stuff because they are already built in.

I think one side is active and the other one is passive. Am I wrong?

Not wrong but passive side is getting fed by the active site. Just like the amplifiers feeding up passive speakers in a hifi system.

Will I get the maximum out of these speakers by plugging them into the motherboard of my computer?

Yeah. But if want something fancy, use noise isolation equipment in the power input of the main speaker. It might help if the main isn’t isolated properly.

You mean high quality cables?

Not only cables. iFi had equipment for ground noise issues.

But this is leading to the vital issue. You generally get what you pay. And altough Edifier is cool for its price, you can’t get marvellous and natural sound with heavenly violins etc.

I’m going to put the satellites on a desk. Will this be enough or should I put them on foam blocks or something?

That block thing is especially helpful (won’t improve the sound as if you are using a Rega or Dali etc. passive speaker) if it is tilted 45° to you but their angle towards you is totaly dependant on your preferences.

Thanks for your advice!

Have a nice time