Dac/Amp for IEMs (only competitive FPS)

I looked through the forum and did not find specific recommendations on the issue of interest to me.
Tell me which Dac / Amp is suitable for IEMs. Only for competitive FPS warzone, pubg, apex and other FPS. Not any music.
I’m currently using a Tin HiFi T4 connected to a Realtek® ALC4080 Motherboard. Maybe I’ll change the headphones to more advanced IEMs.

Are the recommendations the same as for full-size headphones? Or are there any specifics?

Budget? Also Tin makes basically nothing but dog shit for comp gaming, just a heads up.

Budget $100 to $200.
Tin HiFi T2\T4 Fairly neutral headphones for competitive purposes. If there are better IEM for such purposes, I’m ready to hear the options. The price is not important just wondering what is better.

From trends I’ve noticed in the past, having spikes in the treble seems to help with hearing footsteps and loosely ties with imaging. I’ve heard of Timmkoo C630 for this but never heard them myself, and I don’t game.

I bought a Sound blasterx G6 for a while at a discount. But still, I think another DAC would be better for IEMs. But what?

I like the new Sound blaster X1 for gaming. It’s got plenty of power as it adjusts voltage up to 2.4v depending on ohm detection. It’s got 5.1 and SBX if you need it for around $65. It didn’t come with a USB a to c adapter though, but it works with Android and Linux mint as well.
I’ve tried everything from VE Monk ear buds up to the DT880 600ohm and this really can power them. In Destiny 2 it was terrific fun.

Improvers like 7.1, sbx I don’t need. I need sound for competitive purposes. Without decorations. Therefore, it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s just a DAC or a sound card.
On the Sound blasterx G6, I will disable all enhancements.

I’d say return the G6 and get an SMSL C200. There’s no reason to have the G6. Literally every single thing about the C200 is leaps better than the G6. It has about 10 times the power for much more demanding headphones down the line, much lower noise, way cleaner signal, way better dynamic range, no downsides whatsoever compared to the G6. The G6 is no longer relevant in today’s DAC market, it’s not even competitive at it’s price anymore.

Does SMSL C200 work well with IEMs? Will it be noisy when used specifically with IEMs? If all is well, then I will follow your advice and buy SMSL C200.

Does C200 passes thru the mic signal? If not then I don’t think it would be good for gaming

When a mic with a boom arm is $25, there’s no reason to have a mic connected to your head anymore and even less reason to compromise the quality of your whole systems audio just for mic pass through.

@Rira it’s significantly lower noise and cleaner than the G6

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Thank you for your advice. I will definitely try this DAC.

SB G6 arrived. What can I say.
There is no wow effect compared to the integrated sound during a quick test, but there are still improvements. With Tin HiFi T4, the headphone output in low/high gain mode produces noise from the amplifier, but there is no extraneous noise from the electronics (for example, a video card).
There is zero noise from the amplifier in line out, so sensitive headphones should only be used with line out. As well as in the headphone output, no extraneous noise from the electronics.
Of the obvious advantages in terms of sound quality, this is a clear separation of sounds and their sources. When playing several songs, for example, or when moving several opponents in the FPS, you can easily focus on one sound source.

Next, I will test the SBX G6 more thoroughly. If I notice any other changes, I will update the review.
P.S. All tests were carried out in direct mode.