DAC/Amp for PC 2.1 setup

Currently have a set of Jamo S803s just sitting here and want to use them for a PC 2.1 setup. Looking for good DAC/Amp with sub out. What do you guys recommend?

What’s your budget? And would you want the sub out to have a crossover or not?

Edit: is there also any size constraints?

Budget $200 with crossover.

In that price range you can get some nice units, but they most likely won’t have all the features your looking for. Something like the Topping MX3, but there’s not a crossover on the sub.

Edit: that being said, most subs have a built in crossover

Edit 2: the smsl ad18 would also fit the bill

Recommend any Subs with crossover?

What’s your price range on that? Would you want a ported or sealed sub?

You could get a matching jamo sub perhaps

Budget $200. Not sure what is best ported or sealed?

Typically ported subs are louder and tuned towards one specific frequency, where a sealed sub will be smaller, not as loud, but have a more flat response because they are not as tuned to a specific frequency range. It also depends on your room

Edit: I usually prefer sealed for music and ported for music

I use Jamo s803 and an S808 sub for my 2.1 PC/movie setup. Crutchfield sometimes has used Jamo subs or Frys often has discounts on Jamo products