DAC & AMP Recommenations?

giving a $250ish budget for each item, what DACs, Amps or Combo’s would you recommend if you sought the following sound profile:

  • Warm Sound
  • Neutral Sound
  • Detailed / Analytical Sound (Cold Sound, as it were)

as examples, R2R DACs and Tube amps are said to impart warmth to the sound.

Have you taken a look at the Topping D50s and XDuoo TA-10?

For 250, if you wanted a r2r, the only option I could think of would be to try and find a used audio gd r2r 11.

For a neutral sound, the jds labs atom and a topping d10 or higher range dac perhaps

For the warmer sound, the liquid spark and something like a schiit modi 3 or an xduoo ta-10

For something more clinical, perhaps something like a topping dx3 pro

You could also consider the asgard 3 with the dac for 50 bucks more then your budget, but it’s got plenty of power on tap

nope…I put this up as a general purpose question. it would be interesting to have 3 DACs and 3 Amps to mix match and play with for sound. :slight_smile:

you can put up any recommendations you want to M0N. I only mentioned R2R and Tube as the general description for sound is on the warm side.

for the clinical, do you have suggestions that aren’t a combo?