DAC/AMP recommendation for Sennheiser PC350

I recently took out the dust from my old PC350. I was using it on my onboard notebook soundcard, which is, you know, a sad thing to do.

I’m very noob on this subject, hence why I’m here asking for advice. So, which USB DAC/AMP can I get to achieve good sound quality from my headset?

I’m low on budget, also where I live is hard to find good amps. So I’ll need to import, preferably from China or US. I’m thinking in spending something like $70. The less, the better, if possible.

I’d appreciate any advice.

Fosi K5 Pro? Do you need the mic input?

I’ve heard about it. Is it better than DAC-X6?
I don’t mind the lack of mic input. If an amp is better than one with it, I’d go for it.

Would be worth it to pay a bit more? Which of these would be a better choice?

Ifi Zen Air DAC
Fosi K5 Pro
Topping DX1
FX-Audio DAC-X6

Any help would be appreciated

On the 350 spec, I can read it is 150 Ohms and 108dB sensivity, so you definitely need some juice with those cans.

I can say quite confidently that any amp you posted will improve the sound it produces.

For the 2 dac/amps I know, I’d say it comes down to preferences:

  • the ifi will be a tad warm, but very pleasant, and the xbass will bring up the low frequencies if you wish
  • the topping will be more lean sounding, more analytical

for the other 2, I can’t say much as I discover those units with your post.

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Hello, Erokh! Thank you for your answer.

I see. Right now I’m inclined to get the Zen Air, I found it for 77usd. Unless someone tell me there is a better dac/amp for 100usd at max, then I would reconsider.

Only if you are willing to buy used otherwise some dongle DACs would be the main competition

I just found a FiiO K5 Pro for 120usd. Does it worth? I mean, the Zen Air has enough power to drive my Senn? Or would I benefit more from having a better amp like K5 Pro?

Thanks for the answer