DAC + Amp recommendations

Hi All, I’m looking for recommendations for a DAC and Amp or combo for competitive shooters like R6 Siege as well as music (EDM, hardstyle etc).


  • Must have an optical input for PlayStation (USB taken by mic and controller)

  • Able to drive my current headphones (list below) and any future upgrades

  • keeps accurate imaging for footsteps etc.


  • M1060
  • Vokyl Erupt

What I have shortlisted (but still unsure what is best):
Monoprice THX (combo)
Topping A50 (Amp)
Schiit Magni 3+ (Amp)
Topping D50 (DAC)
JDS Atom (Amp)

Open to your recommendations TIA

Some of those options are different tiers of DACs and amps, so direct and equal comparison between them is difficult. Since you go between competitive gaming and EDM, I’d recommend a more neutral amp. Those you listed are good options, though I’ve read that Magni 3+ colors the sound slightly. If you like the Schiit design though, consider the Heresy over the 3+ for that reason. Any of the typical recommended stacks would be good options. I’d also consider the E30/L30. Definitely at least the E30 as a DAC. The SoundBlaster G6 is not in the same tier, but it does have optical and is probably the most compatible Amp/DAC I’ve used with the PlayStation (through USB). If you only use optical, you won’t have a problem with any of your options.

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Thanks, by the time I get a Schiit or Topping stack with Australian conversion there’s like $30 difference between the THX. Watching some reviews the Monolith THX AAA amp seems end game but not sure what DAC to pair with maybe D50s?

Skip the thx amp as it sounds narrow compared to my jds labs EL 2 stack. Honestly the EL stack is what I recommend for end game on a budget. It’s neutral, gives spatial cues very well and has the inputs you need.