DAC-Amp Shootout

can we have shootout between:

questyle cma400i
Topping DX7 Pro
Topping DX7(S)

i wan’t the unit to:
-run most headphones decently (i dont own a “high-demand” headphone yet)
-have a variable output to control monitors or a poweramp
-optical input
-for basic controls a remote should not be needed

atm the queststyle is my favorite, but i wonder what you guys think (i read that the questyle would be to weak ???)
maybe you have other suggestion…

So personally I think if you want to prioritize your amp, the questyle cma 400i (also look for a used cma twelve or 600i) would be my pick. If you want to prioritize your dac and features, the adi-2 fs is my pick. The toppings are just alright for the price, solid but nothing stands out. I personally like the quesyle the most in this situation (I would really suggest looking for the used twelve or 600i), but if you want to mess around with features the rme would be the pick

Also, what headphones do you own or plan to own, what music do you listen to, and what sound signature do you tend to like?

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I am plan too to buy the Cma400i.Better i find the Cma600i in the option.
Balanced Singele ended is nice.But the Cma600i is out of production.Can only buy used.:-1:
The twelve i find a little bit ridicules in option because,when you would use the 5 ghz module with the Smartphone you need the special case with a suplement case for 500$.
And have no balanced singel ended output,only unbalanced with not bad power.
When compare the price with the ooion the cma400i are the best option.
In soundtest who i have read the greater product Cma600i and twelve are a little bit better as the Cma400i.But only in nuance.

Imo the twelve is a noticable upgrade compared to the 400i in sound quality, if you can find one used for a good price it would be worthwhile imo. The 600i is still a bit of an upgrade over the 400i, but I would only get it if it was the same price as the 400i used.

ok, thx so far.
i’ll be looking out

Good luck to find one on Ebay.The Questyle series are hard to find in occasion.I look to for a Twelve or Cma600i.
Actually is a Twelve on ebay from Germany.In few hour the Auction is off.

Here are a few 600i in the us


Here is a nice german listing

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Yes i have see it.The guy not respond.:-1:

idk, i might have spent too much…

That’s actually a good price lol, that should be pretty sweet lol. What headphones are you using with it again?

atm i have the nighthawks and some cheaper ones: fidelio x2, m40x, tin t2 (dont really use those)
i was thinking about lcd2 c but i want to put them on my head first, i’m a bit sensitive with headphones

maybe i should get something more detailed and flat compared to the nighthawks…

Perhaps. The focal clear pairs very well with questyle gear imo, that could be something to consider for an impressive headphone if you wanted something neutral yet still enjoyable

Lol,i have see it and think so when can have for 600-700€ why not.
And now you have it.Congratulation.:pray:You are the bad guy who have destroy my dream :joy:,just a joke :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Wish you have fun with it.When the time is good i find one.
In the test who i read many say‘s work fine with the lcd 2.
Focal for sure not bad.

Dont say thx with Mon here!


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I can second the CMA 400i with the Clear is a very good pairing
my store where I bought the RME Adi 2 DAC fs (4493) has the 400i many years and I often used it to audition headphones

The twelve with the clear is really really nice, just a great pairing

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did you ever try the double twelve stack? is this a thing? the mono l/r splitted stack with 2 of the twelve?

I have heard the golden reference system and it was pretty awesome, although personally I think for that price range there might be a bit better lol

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this is what I was thinking - for the budget it´s maybe not the first choice